Music is a constant, never-changing friend

that always knows just what to say.

Music is an understanding perspective

you search for every day.



Voices can lend your mind support

and lyrics can make you feel tough.

 But when you listen behind the mask


there you’ll find the world of love.



Every note tells a story that dances

 on the beat of a drum and vibrations of a guitar-string.

The hidden sounds are a greater treasure

 than hearing gods sing.



Synchronized harmonies

calms your thoughts and soothes your tears.

In teasing melodies you’ll find

that life’s mysteries are no longer part of your fears.



Music helps your mind to forget

but your soul to remember.

Music encourages your heart

 when the world thinks you’re ready to surrender.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is more to music than just lyrics and melodies. You have to close your eyes and let the music flow through your mind. The true art and beauty is found in the small details. Music speaks to your soul and always has a way to put your thoughts and feelings into words.

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