Life is What you make it

The World is so full of wonder,

Life is what you make it

Be yourself dont fake it


Look around you keep your eyes open to everything new


The world holds so many oppertunities for you

Think twice before you open a door

Just be sure


A world of wonders are waiting while you are contimplating,


When you grab what you want 

relax be cool take a jump into that pool be wise

and prepare to comprimise


Life is what you make it

spread your wings and take to the skys



Dont look back have no regrets, ditch the might mare sweats



Here we go, into the flow

The world is big but not to big for me!


Time to fulfill our detiny,

Baby if you you are me

I would love to dive in and see, You have the inner grace you are perfect for this human race


We wont be be timid we wont be shy

We will definatly do more than just get buy



Both hands on the job

Exciting and new things for us to odo and see



No more heartache, ban that misery,

To long life has been a mystery,


Jump in both our feet flat on the ground,

Feeling cool to walk around,



We are who we are Your my super star,

Thankyou because you are who you are!



You will go far your up there already,


Your cool and steady your so ready,

Lets discover what you know

I'll discover what you know

I'll learn what you have to show



Im listening to you

I know that your super true

So baby boy im ready

with you,

well put our love is everything we do. I love you

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