Death is like a dream you never know when it well come to life.

There's a knife on the table a dead person on the floor.

Well that person come to life? Well they suspect me?

Did I do that? Why am I scared I didn't.

i hear foot steps!

Not that loud but there foot steps.

There so soft.

They sound like horse foot steps.


With the grand wepper?

Who  knows.

I cant die I cant cry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i have gone threw some bad
times and i thought
this would ease my pain.
so  this is how i started
writeing poetry.

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Message from Death


WARNING: a majority of these poems contain profanity, depression, suicide and God-bashing.  It is recommended that before proceding you should read and heed this warning and if any of these things offend you the you should exit this page right now.  Thank you


Little Leprechaun

"Message from Death" 3 - 15 - 01

I feel the Hate greater than ever before

coarsing thru my every vein

Pump after pump it grows stronger now

A black cloud becomes my eternal shadow

The darkest aura the symbol of my presence

and red eyes to pierce Your every pore

I feel Your Life and I sense Your Death

I see Your Hope and then the true Despair

second after second it runs amok thru the air

I sense Your heart beat and I see Your sweat

Your Courage great but hidden behind that veil;

the greatest of feelings overwhelms your every sense - Fear

You are nothing to me but an object in my path of Rage

You are the straw house which blox my super-highway of Hate

I see You tremble with the roar of my bulldozing charge

I Hate You

I unleash Rage upon You

A flood of Despair, Agony and Fear sweeps over You as You

stare into My endless hordes

Fear My Wrath


I Am Death

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Can't you see that I'm just the happiest little leprechaun?

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Unspoken Good-Bye

I sit here and I know you hear me

I know you are looking out for me

Waiting for me

In heaven the sun always shines

How could he take away you, my best friend?

He left me alone and afraid!

In a world full of pain and despair!

Hear me, it keeps me alive

My heart aches.......for your smile

Your voice full of encouraging words

Your arms full of warmth and understanding

Your heart full of unconditional love for me

Many years we had, sharing and caring

So many more I'll spend missing you!

I know you HEAR me!

I hurt, thoughts of you and my eyes sting...such anguish

What is this great plan, tell me just what am I to do

I have a hard time thinking of my tomorrows

A future so uncertain, a world so cold

Having to face it all now, without you!

I took your friendship for granted

I thought you'de be here forever

My heart feels so vacant now

I need my friend, I need you

He took you so far away

This feels, just so damn unfair!

What am I suppose to do without your smile

Who will pick me up when I fall

I cry a river!

My heart ache, is as large as any mountain

I dial your number, only to remember

So far away and yet I feel you

You shine down on me from heaven

I miss the friendship that we had

I'm so sorry for the words that I left unsaid

But hear me now, it keeps me alive

I cherish each memory

And I love you so dearly my friend

You took a piece of my heart with you when you had to go

God I miss you so!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

:death is so very cruel....they say life must end for life to start anew.....but what of those left behind? Roger I LOVE you.....and I find peace in knowing that you hear me!

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I hear sobbing in the dark,

I stumble up the stairs to check.

You sit on the floor,

Then rise to the deck.

I follow you but you don't notice,

I try to comfort you, but you don't hear.

You stand over the rail and sob,

I ask "What's the matter dear?"

You turn and walk right past me,

You walk psat like I don't exist.

I follow you to the frount window,

We look at the ocean and rolling mist.

You walk back to our room,

I quietly follow thinking of sleep.

We get to the room,

Something's on the floor in a heap.

I walk over to see what it is,

But I can't get hold of the shirt.

Your outside making alot of noise,

You have a shovel full of dirt.

When you come baxk yo ugrab the heap,

And I finally get to see.

What was on the floor dead,

On the floor dead is me.

You drag me outside to the spot,

Where yo udug my grave.

Full of bloody pillows and  blakents,

In this way you never behave.

I remember that yo uhad her over again,

I was going to leave,to run.

Then a sharp pain shot up my back,

I turned and looked, in your hand, a gun.

You had shot me, for a bad reason,

I always thought you loved me.

But apprently I was wrong,

I can't believed you loved me because you shot me!

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Ich sehe einen alten Baum,
des Windes Woge beugt ihn kaum,
und unter ihm, wie kann das sein,
ein Hasenkind sitzt still und klein.


Es duldet all den kalten Hagel,
denn über ihm an einem Nagel,
hängt die Mutter an dem Baum


In einem nicht zu fernen See,
verhakte sich ein junges Reh,
es hört um sich die frechen Grillen,
es wollt am See den Durst sich stillen.


Ach wär es doch nie reingekrochen,
ein Draht hat ihm das Bein gebrochen,
nun harrt es aus im kühlen Nass.


Noch bevor das Reh verstarb,
es ein süßes Kätzchen gab,

die Fahrbahn fand es wunderbar,
ich glaub ich weiß was ihm geschah.


Denn auf der Straße, in der Schneiße,
nascht die liebe Waldameiße,
an einem nassen Katzenhirn.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I should write books for children

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All the peace of my life

destroyed at birth

everyone and anyone

feed off my concience

my soul

their essence of life

they try to change me

currupt me

into death

is that what will come

is that what will be

all my life reduced to nothing


I'll have to wait and see

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my older poems that I feel has a lot of meaning in most peoples life.

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Sword within

Cut from the sword within

above her body pale and thin

an accident while having fun

a stray bullet from the gun

his lower lip quake with trubble

her flacid body lay in rubble

now relizing what he's done

he take the trigger on the gun

the gun raise to his head

the trigger pulled and as I said

he was cut from the sword within

all for her, pale and thin

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Accidents will happen

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A beauty from heaven

Taken away much to soon

Hair so fair and beauty so rare

Skin so soft to touch

You left for a better place

My heart was torn with your departure

My arms ache to hold you

You were absolute perfection

Our time together ended to swiftly

I dream of what would of been

I can see your smile, I see your dimples

I relive the moment of your birth over and over

If I close my eyes I can see you

If I listen closely I can hear you

If I inhale deeply I can still smell you

In my heart I can still feel you

You left so quietly, without notice

Why is the question that pains me so deeply

Sometimes I long to join you

But I'm still needed here

I eagerly await our reunion

Will you know me I wonder

Kelsey you are forever more safe in my heart

And words alone can not convey how much I LOVE YOU

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this piece for my grandbaby who left this world when she was 2 months 6 days old......sometimes the pain is so great.....and understanding why is a luxury I do not possess!

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Poor little bird;

You've fallen from your nest,

And broke your wing

Before you ever had the chance to fly.

Poor little child;

You've grown up too much

When you had to learn

You were just born to die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A child's first experience with death,and the loss of innocence that goes with it.

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