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Five Newest Poems By Mario W. Vitale

These are 5 featured newest poems by Poet Mario William Vitale,
through each episode we explore the most reflection you got here
my first poem entitled : 

(1) Awakening

the shadows scribble beneath the words you got hope for tomorrow
look to the figure of wax tossed beneath the web of thought
figure your love the right,
very nicely done you got here 
nicely done restored meals

light through the web of certain circumstance
falling in the right fan the flames
looking through a pale beneath
caused for the essential decision being made

lurk in the pious through doors 

(2) Holiday Spray

pierced through the mother load
on beyond the breeze
puzzled through the cemetery in the wink of an eye
citizen of the gentle merge of hope

Circumstance to lay a hold of the dance
shape through treasures between the sheets
holiday spray wish to know instead
lurking in the path of merchant advance

at a first glance the lobby first fence

(3) Institutionalized

lamp side felt t he column strong victory
filled with the make believe shadows to the knees
perched inside a Willow Tree,
light a lamp through the elect pierced through plains

listen to the song,
in fever pitch mood
kiss crystalized beauty
share with each other a frisbee

low columns that share none the worst to wear
near barricade have a self made
look among the leaves
brilliant sorrowful deed

(4) Miracle Worker

another day sharpened down
in the evident costume clown
from the sequence that shares with few
borrowed basement pew

love lingers on 
to venture through the Spring in solemn means

(5) Strong Advise

longer well achieve 
the strong advise love in the spring
stay near the brim
knowing to guide as to listen

just as if it has been 

Shallow Peak

Barren Leaves Coast To Cleave I

shallow peak
hesitant on a kiss
hero in the mist
chase back the fever with a smile
still to know all the great while
love was king

Love In The Curse Of The Pants

Love In The Curse Of The Pants

like a lonely field to share
got to surface
sake as before
shadow in a shining shore
the personality put the lights out
going outside to smell the fresh air
love is in a cigarette
bound from the circus
going to the saloon
chase bake your hair
a pulsating care
corner brought near
in shedding a tear
a tender word to share

Shelter Me...

Shelter Me


under the trees blowing by the breeze

shackled beneath the papal pew disquise;

hand to feed the compact zone out on the farm

see the cattle, watch it's charm

the loving fawn beneath the borrow of the ground

live in the sequence of a dent to broaden pier

sensational glare...

bargain basement grill.,

filter through a song

unearthen means


Shelter me with the blood by a cause

search the extreme

pills on the trip of a lucky scoop of ice cream

Shelter me above the leaves

portray the host

one to most



The Crying Kid

bein' alone with my thoughts, that’s my own personal hell
no wonder mom and dad convinced I need professional help
meanwhile, the air’s getting staler, sicker than Vlad the Impaler
this girl is fit like she's tailored, and I just want to impale her
and nail her and maybe regale her with a tale or two,
a sick and sordid affair, yeah that’s the tale of my youth
harried and scared of the truth, and very wary of you
unfairly comparing myself to Mr. Magoo
what it do, baby boo, hoo, you need to quit crying kid
it's not like you grew up poor or surrounded by violence,
my right mind, I can’t find it, the shine, my memory’s blinded
I forgot what my line is, I need to be reminded
another day goes by, sidesteppin' the pain
count the hours, that’s another 24 down the drain
that’s just more of the same, steadily losing my way
riding the pines like a veteran who just lost his game
call me Juwan Howard, call me Tracy McGrady,
call me a coward, I’m exactly as the Lord made me
this is what the world made me, a shady container
of creativity and malice and lust and anger and talent
and flesh and blood, I’m a man with no plans, and too much time
on his hands, that’s a bad mix, dangerous equation,
temporary high, always chasing that elation
sick of being patient, and putting up with this fake shit
I’m packing my bags and making my way to the station
need to increase my concentration if I’m ever gonna make it
take it one step at a time, this ain’t no nickel and dime
I’m already this dope and not even close to my prime yet

Lift The Banner High

to climb the plain mountain
onto suffer through the laundry
suffer in silence
the quaint asunder fall

the bar fly stings
below in the basket scene
seek to let go
bustle out the tempo decor

a variation in a dream
as far as the fat lady sings
conect to extreme
lift the banner wise

a man has lice in hair
cut the corner twice
benefit for a great cause
love to hang out in the toilet

How about those Mets ?

Love In Motion

Love In Motion


circle lest I oft' refrain claim the course as in the insane

the kingdom by the sea come back & remember me

fresh sheets elegant lead to care for all your knees

powder short so elegant to fit openly the mold...


The list full of shit to resist,

the splendid pattern kiss

awake the new days dawn

shadows are making me strong


Love in motion to drink it's magic potion

Iced, Velvet & Sex

Iced, Velvet & Sex


cum on her

wait your turn

some motors turned

shake your fist...

down toward the neat mix;

Iced, Velvet & Sex

the great fix

twist & turn

your dinner tastes like shit

in park hit



poetry provides strength  the human heart

Sarah Smile pays to come back

Blair Bitch Project

suffice us to swing let freedom ring
learn from the luscious brim just to hit the gym
closer to the heart
Blair Bitch Project
 we shall impart
little beetle
little beetle
who's pants
be wear
for if and when
there comes to bear
the tired of trying
the block of knocking
the plus for justing
best be trying
that place
at letters twixt 5 and 7 gender care
and with only other
most inimitable most literate best of our best