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Bruce Jenner makers a good enough woman


in his condition lukewarm paretaker


diamond of violerts lerft his circumstance


wait by the sofa a lurk on the rollercoaster


dead weight




talk to me cookie


flatternerd on the gas heap




for some it pays to live by sight




fore some living through strife,


bus deiiver curerd in every direction


at lunch wer pick up mats to quench oure thirst


quail in discomfored




these are ther days when anything goes,


stawberry pie


keerp cool as you dial


surefacer kill Leroy Brown




J.J. Walker...,


added slogan takes things higher


look deep your the seeker

look deep your the seeker...




launch forth into the creator


building bridges ever higher


ever so nearer the changes come closer




due to illustrative light...




the in tuned harmony promotes the light


changes slip through your hand


when to understand


the place of outer gathering




plum through the pudding


ask for its forgiven


my hand tight wit


marry me still




chose to go up the steep hill


desperation in the midst


the rolling orders perhaps a mid waiting stream


my hands are dying with no surprising




look deeper through meadows encouraging


fill my heart with faith out of God's hands to make


windows pulsating out the window


waiting eager to understand


Beneath The Briars ( Van Halen)

Beneath The Briars

a soothe dull red
what is going on inside my head.
plate of glass filled up with a seasoned gin
where do we even begin again ?

take a glimpse of ancent sod
potato sod
have you forgot Ben Ladon
glimpse of light exposed to light
maple shame

an eclipse for the game
Eddie Van Halen
got his feet burning
do you remember what you were doing

sever the silence amidst the violence
look to the mountains the turning of the wind out of selflish pride
thank God I'm still alive
amount to learn
seasoned yearned




learning the breeze stay clear  from the foam

living your life some where all alone

break peace from the bread you used to know

lone in decision pressed clear by my own'


in the distance trees  those legend of spring solstace bread

whet is going on in my head

all colors of grey, peach and cream

the solstace of what is beiing  seen


mockry the space torn odyssy

a brigade of the most triumphant be



Shades Of Pine

Deep Falters Deep


shades of Pine

out of God's heavenly design

Stare into the sofa

just to get to know ya

Pilgrim across the eager street

love is the meager element able

shades of difference perfumed by madness

to solve the music


love lifted my Charisma,

long to look after

a silo nor sorrow

feel the thrust of sorrow

bases mend through fences strangers advances out of second chances


wallow in the mercury fuel

bridge a gap from the way we used to know

deep falters deep

a blur of smiles left to sadness to shine a new

pilgrims shaped from the fabric of your dressing

swallow me deep in the intense aim to please

through its Autumn leaves,


when to appear the husk in need

shine forth the give & take

burn in me the desire to let go and show forth the order

Mom ma please the Smile

changing me

thank you & me

from all sin and shame

wonderful let my redeemer praise his name

Dungeon Of My Mind

Dungeon Of My Mind

in the dungeon of my mind stretched forth the enemy rob you blind
in certain pillars through the windows chased back the film of you heart
put your head down to magic through the pillars diced on a pond to caress to flight
nature from the regime through the range ace to a bass let us know
through sudden marks of here & now...,

made my claim for us to play
for us to stay a hook for shoes
bottom basement dear
cosmic cashmere sweater dear
nice to the range a pillar to scream
through leaves that pursuit in the humble

do a dance traverse to the dance penetrate in advance
a bridge a gap stay source through making some spaghetti
notice the vast energy come to sit next to me play it cool don't you see
sold out to madness called to sgut the casket through the chains we get grafted in

cry me a melody once to a work in history laying down don't you see
cash in advance you could ever factual screme crime with thunder to its extreme
called by silence through the edge in my mind loving turned around lift your head up high
like a closet arm band when to understand all the loop holes through each ballonn to mode

shaped back your dreams in the vanilla ice would help you think all shaped of a glossy permit
get a gloss show we are let to go through the closet cushion fold don't you know,
Dance through the cash advance a walk out the seperation all would end in jealously
some fall apart of the gay scene during its closet queen...,

Mercy me you closet queen for those to agree
painted faces filled with timeless ages
as long as you here some call it by fate
look out your window sought to march the windows

shades of black
chards of grey
sought for rice
a twist of the dice
wouldn't you like to know what's in you mind

running bases trains elated, closet windows hear the door bell swing
doors as to bow in the age of the fawn sister moon applaud..,
eat your fill give way toward song
shadows in the shining sun even hype to fill by song
weakness through the garbage in the pillar of your mind

adore ye
awakening thee
cash by the dream
pull await the closet queen

what words cuisine...
broad display
part single & deffinately gay
a trance at which to its historic way

pull toward the notion in good motive to turn
long to turn one will burn
collage in the spot through Gin
sweet closet queen

rhymes we mix through a shade of a door
kicking it down with a two bit whore
be at tops with the pops
can be at the top of society fence
away far in a trance
fate in a trance

my lover sought through the timber bush
I only date women but I'm hooked with a song
bisexual nor down beat whore,
spring through the hedges
look to the stars you grow bars
time well spent with thought

alive she cried sought a radio flow beneath the brains

From Circus To Taffy



carbon copy...


circus to taffy,


breezy says Weazie


come and sit next to me


part of the make believe...,


storm brewing


hands to what your doing


burning bridges,


fancy inclusion


it appeals to the heavy senses






is the essence of our existence


let love rule


beside the family jewel


stolen away the excursion


method man tasting


Thermol pad toasting


I'm not together joking




Free as a will have to take a chill pill


laughter means togetherness,


spring hold of a witness


laughter as todays vital notice...


a challenge to be free is the question of time






carry me beside the breeze


some resort to sex appeal


others jib is no big deal


stop at a heavy wheel


you know what I'm saying ?



men of special means the men of guantonimo fathers and brothers


Get and give two different words Illustrating two different worlds Vile and vicious when one takes Excellent meanings for our sake...

Trapped Within

Trapped Within



Living Weary is a melodic post hardcore band based in Southeastern Connecticut. Contact us at info@livingweary.com

This new project we're working on is honestly crazy, and it pretty much came out of nowhere.… https://www.instagram.com/p/Bc3F_qMn6Du/

Proud of my nephew Ricky Kheuliwind on guiter with the band wish him a super success.

Living Weary

I can’t move
my legs are pinned to my body
squeezing against my chest
my arms restrain to my sides
my hands pressing against my flesh
my eyes wide but i see nothing
the four walls of this confined prison
pinches my skin
and pushes my head into my knees
my breath is heavy
Panting i can’t breathe
I choke on my own thoughts
my own breath
my heart pounds in my eardrums
I long to stretch my legs
and run far, far away
from this hell I have to call home


Mind Warp

Mind Warp

(Verse 1)
look at me big smile white teeth
my peers say they wish that they live like me
but they don't see the demon in my blood
the thoughts ive had for months im climbing out a rut
music took a hit on god they forgot the kid can rap
im gon keep on rolling till my place is jam packed
im here to make fables from waiting tables
to making lables reach for they pesos
leaving rappers feel unstable
i hit the market like a raging bull
crosshairs all up on the target light em with a single pull
you witnessing the best they stressing
bout my quest they aiming at my chest but i don't need a breath
I slay em till im deadoh
penetrate ya bones with the wavelength of my flow
meditate to all my poems take the workings of my soul
paint a picture you can think of when you feeling low
ill never fold up what i got til they force me to go
I was in the dark heart plumet to my stomach and it was hard
Failing my plots got down bout how i sounded left a mark
What you think bout that boy aiming for the cap boy
waiting for the record make that paper with the bad boys
check the calculator ask em why my hits aint adding up
cooking through the day my bagels burning get the ambulance
rhymes up in the pot I make a potion from that magic dust
and when its afternoon they had enough i pass through dusk

(Chorus x2)
Take a look at the kid and they will say hes got a gift
take a look at the kid but theyll never know about his grit

(Verse 2)
You and I ain't the same when we spit the written
You can do da shit for days but you can't be as driven
ask me why im riding waves you get the eye for that
this huricane is making change you gonna die for that
you can listen my rhymes is vicious ride the rhythm
this holy figure preaching totally new religion
i got that boom bap now whos that new kid up on the site
they say im sicker than the swine i bring the light to conscious minds
im southpaw i drop bombs from outter galaxies
judge my image before the sound thats how life rather be
why these artists always wanna keep on chasing after me
ya rhymes at best is second place i am the greater athlete
next time you ask to get a feature bring the bands
sweet as ever spike that blood pressure with my jam
they love it kid is clever when he's on the stand
evade the law what you saw is just an act of contraband

(Chorus x2)
when you look at me tell me what do you see
is it good or evil what you think about me