Don't Look At Me, Just Look At God


I Can't Say I'm Not Trying
But I'm Doing For The Glory
I Don't Really Know It's Gonna Work
But You Saved Me From Death


There's Nothing I Can Show To You
Nothing I Can Prove To You
That I May Plead To Make You Believe
But Since I Was Close To Death
I Was Drowned In Depression
What's To Say That I Would've Suicide


I Know I Can't Walk This Earth Alone
But When I Can't Feel You
I Can't See You Your Face
People Will Tell Me God Isn't Real
Saying That You're Just A Loner
Why You Wasting Your Life


What Am I To Deal With These Things
I Can Handle So Much On My Own
They Say I'm Pretending My Faith
Man Quit Trying To Act Like You're Superior
Like You Know The Best For Me
You Can't Say Nothing
Cause You Don't Even Know Me


It Ain't No Lie He Raised Me
So I May Praise Him Forever
Confessed And Resurrected In Faith
I Lost My Life Lost My Soul
But Since Jesus Rose From The Dead
I'm Reborn Starting Fresh


I Feel Your Pain Man
Living In The Darkness
Pretending Your Life Is Alright
Saying You Got It All Together
Saying You Got All This Money


Whats To Worry About Others
Let'em Starve And Die From Hungry
Quit Lying And Stop Faking
Go Ahead And Doubt It
But I Pray You Find Your Heart

Peaceful Love



I Will Calm Your Heart
And I Will Ease All The Pain
Just Lying Down With You
Here In The Soft Sand
Listening To The Oceans Breeze


Let The Clouds Blow Through The Wind
I Place My Hand Over Yours
And Our Shoulders Brush Against
Your Face Starts To Blush
I'm Smiling Cause I Find It Pretty Cute


When I Go For A Hug

My Cheek Brushes Against Your Face
I Love Being In Your Presence
I Find Intimate Pleasure Up Against You
Feeling Your Heart Beat Against My Chest
It Soothes My Heart And Soul


I Don't Need To Say I Love You
Cause Being With You Is Enough
Having Upcoming Plans To Chill With You
Excites My Mind And Fills Me With Joy
I Get To Spend Time With You
And I'm Happy You Chose To Spend It With Me


The Sight Of The Sea Is Amazing
But Not As Amazing As You Are
Lets Stay Here For A While
The Shore Is So Quiet And Soothing
Tell Me That You'll Stay Here
Quiet Lying Here Until The Sun Sets


Love You Like Real


I Like Who You Are
Where Your Smile Warms My Heart
The Way Your Life Displays Who You Are
I'm Not Looking For Someone To Satisfy Me
Just Someone Who'll Be There For Me
So I'll Be There For Them Too


Maybe I Could Be Someone In Your Life
Someone Who Means Something To You
I Could Be What You Need
A Friend, A Buddy, A Lover, Maybe Your Soul Mate
There's Not Alot That I Ask For
Just Someone Who'll Listen To Me
Someone Who'll Hear My Heart
Someone Who Can Relate To My Soul
A Friend Who Can Give Me Hugs


I'd Really Mean It If I Could Kiss You
Not Just Talking Words Or Telling Lies
Cause My Love Is Real, Totally Real
Cause Everything You're Not
I'll Still Love You
I'll Always Love You
I've Loved You From The Start


You're Perfect In Every Way
Even If You Don't Agree
I Wouldn't Ask You To Change
Cause I Love You The Way You Are
There's No Need For Change
You're Pretty Amazing Just The Way You Are


Let Me Hold Your Hand
Someone Who'll Accompany You In Life
I Promise I Won't Let You Go
But If I Do Ever Let Go
I Promise I'll Always Come Back To You
No Matter How Far You Are
No Matter What They Say About You

I Will Always Love You The Way You Are


Every single “Hello”

Is worth the pain – of letting go.

It’s addictive, it’s scary

But I fall into deep tranquility

When you’re beside me.


Time stops –

And you wish it’ll be forever…

A piece of calmness,

A breath of happiness –

Of freedom…

Is worth facing a thousand

Uncertainties of tomorrow.


So I will always say “Hello”.

A piece of your smile,

Of your heart…

Is worth the pain of letting go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

06Feb13 – Dinner @ Old Town White Coffee Restaurant in New World Park.


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Contradictions of the Heart

You are the song that I sing,

The words that I write...

The smile on my face,

The quiet prayer in my heart.


Do you hear the unsung melody?

Read between the lines?

Do you see yourself in my eyes,

My heart skips a beat, overjoyed.


You see my strength

When I show my vulnerability.

I see your dark side

Taken by its beauty.


Could this be?

In a world of twisted reality?

I winced thrice to wake,

But your hands are still with mine.


Standing on the edge of reason,

Fear returns like a prodigal foe,

But happiness is forgiving -

You looked at me...


Love wins.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

28Jan13 – The heart starts to beat once more. 


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Rising Torment


How Can I Tell You I'll Be There For You
When These Scars Of Mine Are Bleeding
How Can I Say I'll Provide For You
When I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself


Sometimes I Can't Reach To You
Sometimes I Can't Even Hear Myself
I Can't Block The Pain
Tell Me Theres No Other Way
But I'm Still Here Breathing
It's Definately A Miracle


I Can't Just Drop My Faith
And Lose My Soul Out Of My Head
I'm Scared To Ask You To Help Me
I Thought I Had To Help Others
So You'd Clean Up My Life
Perhaps I Heal The Wounds
And See The Good In Other Lives


But All I'm Seeing Is The Scars That Still Remain
The Wounds That Break Peoples Hearts
Is It Me That I Have To Clean Up
The Past Of A Lonely Child
Just Trying To Live A Life Alone
Can You Really Feel This Pain God
I Know I'm To Trust You With All Of My Heart
But What Am I To Do In The Mean Time


When I Don't Know What Path To Take
Do I Just Walk The Flow Of The Crowd
Cross It Up With Others And Swirl Up That Mix
Make It Up As I Go Along And Just Go With Whatever


Caught In A Whirlwind And Struck By The Lightning
I Don't Even Know How I Got This Far Away From Home
I Can't Find Which Way I'm Suppose To Go
I'm Just Lost Inside My Soul
God What Do I Even Do Right Now
I'm Just Stuck In Place And I Don't Have Anywhere To Go
God I Know You'll Provide For Me
But As Of Right Now, Let Me Just Rest My Soul

Crushed Spirit Walking


Do You Understand His Sorrow Now
The Emotional Pain He Faces Everyday
Though He Communicates Profound Happiness
It Is Actually Suffering Sorrow That Dwells Inside
Oh How You Could Just Read His Facial Expression


The Tears That Roll Down Every Night
Though Tears May Not Always Drop And Fall
The Depressed Sorrow That Grasps His Heart
And His Joyfulness And Cheeryness Is Diminished


The Crushed Sorrow Feeling In The Heart
When Others Post Pictures Of Joyful Friends Having Fun
Oh The Price Of An Entire Life Time It Would Pay
What He'd Do Anything To Change His Lonely Childhood
Though The Pain Has Made Him Grown Strong
The Sad Memories Do Not Fade Away


Misery Hides Inside And Outside His Soul
To Face Gaming Addiction All The Time
If Being Autistic Would Have Not Flowed In His Blood
Oh How Different Would His Life Style Be


What Experiences Would I Have Encountered In My Life
Would He Have Used Drugs In His Life
Perhaps The Struggle Of Drama And Trust Issues
The Fool Who Would Battle Against Violence And The Have Many Enemies
To Struggle With Physical And Verbal Abuse Of A Household
Desperate Around Sex And Have A Troubled Life Style
Oh What A Life Style Could One Possibely Hope Any Different

A Bleeding Heart For You


I Can See You're Bleeding Inside
When You're All Alone
I Can See That You're Crying
Even When Tears Aren't Falling
I Can See You Screaming
When You Shriek For Seperate
You Yearn To Belong Somewhere


When You're Sitting In The Library
And You Want Is Quiet Peace
But All You Hear Is Piercing Pain
The Deafening Screams Of The Unknown
You Hold Thought You're Not Alone
But The Scars On Your Skin
Tell You Otherwise Recognition


Stripped Of The Joy
Ripped Off The Smiles
Safe In The Dark
But The Pain Creeps Inside
Mistaken Guessed Misery
Recognized As A Pollution
Memories Burning Away
Consuming The Pain


Please Don't Cry Now
The Tears Won't Last Forever
Come Into My Arms
I Can't Promise I'll Ease The Pain
But I Can Promise My Heart
You Won't Have To Fight Life Alone


The Pain The Holds Inside
I Pray I'll Heal Your Heart
The Aches That Stretch To A Century
I'll Soothe Your Soul An Eternity
The Pain May Last A Life Time
But My Love Will Last Forever


Soothe The Aching Pains
Stitching My Joy Into You
Calming Your Heart To Peace
And Tranquil Your Stressed Mind
Close Your Eyes
Rest For A While
Let My Hugs Accompany Your Heart
The Arms To Keep You Safe
And My Heart To Keep You Happy

Miserable Jagged Pain


She Cries Like Errupting Volcano
Seeping Above The Ocean
It Soars Beyond The Forest
Tethering Corrupts Her Chains
And The Sores Wrap Up Her Heart


It Seems Like The End For Her
Burns Scrape Inside Her Wounded Scars
Cutting It Out, Tearing It Out
Cut Out The Lies The Seep Inside
Beneath Is Just A Heart Wanting Affection
An Affection That Longs For A Heart


The Wicked Fire Burns Off The Skin On Her Feet
The Wretched Shameful Drag Their Misery To Her
Oozing Tears Shred Off Her Face As She Cries
The Same Darkness Revives Her Pain


Shes Desperately Screams For Help
Secrets She Tries To Hide
The Numbness Fragiles Her Heart
Vunerable By The Exposure
The Soul Is Cut Apart
Scars Rips Her Skin To Shreds


No Matter How Hard She Tries
Her Heart Still Aches With Pain
The One She Gave Love To
The One She Trusted Her Life
Was Nothing But A Burden In Her Life


Bitter Memories Crosses Her Mind
She Desperately Tries To Replace It With Happiness
But All Thats Lift In Her Past
The Scars That Wound Her Life
Creeps Beyond What She Could Imagine