Isn't it incredible,

How all of us,

Can, on occasion, come together,

And unconditionally accept each other,

It's in those brief, unbelievable moments,

Where I find the most joy in life,


We are in a room full of smoke and smiling faces,

Do you remember that?

I'm sitting on this unfortunate fouton with you,

In between burn holes and blunt wrappers,

I watch smoke wrap around and out your lips,

"I could love her", I think,

And then I watch you laugh,

and smile,


He is telling his stories again,

We are almost circled around him clenching with,

Anticipation of the next,

Twist or triumph,

When he sees me he knows I'm different,

But the same,

Who is this person attending his show?

The one who is hiding something,

Wants to forget something,

I am a curious visitor,

A tourist,

You're funny,

I need to laugh,

Who better than to listen to your story,







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Sweetest Dream

Just a thought!

Sweetest Dream

Today, I ventured the untaken path, never before, having the courage to go this way!
The voices, unfamiliar to me, their names, None recognizable by sight.
Only one, having resemblance to my own, I dared, a fruitful encounter!
Sharing a common bond, I was invited to see her treasures!
I deemed myself, not worthy of the beauty before me!
Listless, lifeless, hypnotized by this, "Angel of Mercy,"
I stared into oblivion...
Time, not a thought, as the hours sped away. Truly captivated, and awe struck by this creation, my chest palpitating, my soul, Quivering with delight!
Her face, smoothed by fine lines... Sensuous brush strokes,
Divulging her innocents, Arcturus eyes, steeling my heart!
My eyes welling up now, while this single essence of a mesmerized
Thought, spilled out from my lid.
Senses heightened, through this glorious embrace, I hear the droplet as it makes a splat, on the paper in front of me!
I am truly blessed, and will cherish her loveliness,
Till the end of my days!

                                           by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

'Inspired by a person, who sent me a picture of an Angel she had drawn!"