I saw him on the evening news, the soldier in his hospital bed

Whom everyone thought unconscious and unable to move his head.


But Corporal Hargis was awake…in fact he was astute

For when he was given his Purple Heart he found the strength to salute.


Thank you Corporal Hargis for your courage helps keep the rest of us free.

But your story got me to thinking about all the faces of courage I see.


I’m sure everyone has their own stories as their moments of life accrue

About the types of courage they’ve encountered…now let me tell you a few.


It was on the face of Rosa Parks when segregation she helped to defeat

In 1955 on a bus in Alabama by refusing to give up her seat.


It was on the face of Mother Theresa in a world filled with selfishness and greed

When she decided to live in poverty and help anyone in the world who’s in need.


It was etched on the face of a president whose country was in disarray

And on the faces of the furloughed workers who survived 16 days without pay.


It’s on the face of the first responders who run into trouble every day

While the rest of us thank them for their service as we run the other way.


It’s on the face of the same sex couple who now deserve our applause

As they attempt to alter peoples outdated views and change our archaic laws.


It’s on the face of everyone ever abused as a new life they try to begin.

It’s on the face of anyone who sees bullying and courageously try to step in.


It’s on the face of a parent whose child is dying, missing or has something wrong

As they endeavor to deal with their life while remaining resolute, upbeat and strong.


It on the faces of the families trying to stay brave as stoically they comb

Through the damage, debris and the rubble after nature has taken their home


It’s on the face of the young boy or girl whose about to test life and tempt fate

As they walk up to their intended’s shoulder, tap it and ask for a date.


It’s on the face of anyone in love when they slowly bend down on one knee

As they work up the nerve and the confidence to pop the question, “Will you marry me?”


Isn’t it amazing when you think about it how many faces of courage there are?

They come in all shapes and all sizes and you don’t have to look very far.


I pray Corporal Hargis and all wounded soldiers recover with no ill effects

But II have to admit in writing this poem it’s given me time to reflect.


For I also pray that the day is coming for all our service women and men

When the type of courage Corporal Hargis displayed will never be needed again.


I dream of the day when wars are but a memory and killing and fighting will cease.

I dream of a world where everyone’s equal, a world filled with love…filled with peace.


I may be too optimistic but before this idealist bids you adieu


I’ll continue to pray that people all over this world find the courage to make this dream come true.

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Boy with a smile and a darkness to fear

He sleeps, so soundly, curled up on his side, 

he drank his last drink, said his last goodbyes, 

he loved a girl with all his heart, 

tried to hold on with all his might. 


I held him together, my hands on his scars, 

he tried so hard to hold onto our stars, 

he stood ahaking, all skin and bones, 

he just wants me to leave him alone. 


Drowning in a sea of pain, 

multi- colored coated drugs, 

was all for him, 

that was never enough.


"She doesn't understand me" he'd say

"She doesn't know the pain".


He never took the chance to pull,

pull up on her sleeves,

to see what she is hiding underneath.


The girl he loves sees the darkness too,

she always felt so terribly blue,

her arms had a railroad track of scars,

some old, some new, some left drying.


She holds him together,

he pushes her deeper,

deeper into the darkness,

of her mind and her life.


Never mind that the darkness,

has taken over,

taken over her life.


The new stars no longer,

shine, oh so bright.


The boy drowns in self-destruction,

but so does the angel,

of darkness.


She is drowning in the darkness,

for oh so long, she's been trying,

to fight against it, she's been trying,

to keep them both afloat.


Don't know how much longer,

she can keep hold.


He holds his hand out,

and she pulls him to her,

trying to shield him from,

this world full of hurt.


He doesn't know her nights.


A blade, and filled with lies,

she's tried to say her last goodbyes.


Only one thing is keeping her here,

a boy with a smile and a darkness to fear.


She tries to keep him, but if he should go,

she wouldn't be far behind him.


But he doesn't know that,

doesn't know that the pain he feels, so does she,

doesn't know that his angel of darkness,

is drowning in her own darkness.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A friend of mine was suicidal and always telling others that we didn't understand, we did. 

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Courageous is the man who speaks openly
Of his afflictions, his addictions,
Who is under the 'dark night of the soul',
And can corraberate his admissions
Exposed in gratitude, to understand the path
That led him to his personal hell,
And bring meaning to his suffering
In a way that raises his spirit to higher ground.


Through the journey of tracing the scars
Carved upon his soul by his weaknesses,
He procures and acclaims his strength
As the gracious hands of wisdom
Untether the ties that bound his sapience,
And he learns what it means to be free
Whilst donned in the shackles of the flesh
Binding him to an earthly existence.


1:26 AM 5/5/2013 ©

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Every single “Hello”

Is worth the pain – of letting go.

It’s addictive, it’s scary

But I fall into deep tranquility

When you’re beside me.


Time stops –

And you wish it’ll be forever…

A piece of calmness,

A breath of happiness –

Of freedom…

Is worth facing a thousand

Uncertainties of tomorrow.


So I will always say “Hello”.

A piece of your smile,

Of your heart…

Is worth the pain of letting go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

06Feb13 – Dinner @ Old Town White Coffee Restaurant in New World Park.


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Contradictions of the Heart

You are the song that I sing,

The words that I write...

The smile on my face,

The quiet prayer in my heart.


Do you hear the unsung melody?

Read between the lines?

Do you see yourself in my eyes,

My heart skips a beat, overjoyed.


You see my strength

When I show my vulnerability.

I see your dark side

Taken by its beauty.


Could this be?

In a world of twisted reality?

I winced thrice to wake,

But your hands are still with mine.


Standing on the edge of reason,

Fear returns like a prodigal foe,

But happiness is forgiving -

You looked at me...


Love wins.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

28Jan13 – The heart starts to beat once more. 


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My World

I hide myself like a disguise.
Like a crack in the wall not wanting to be noticed.
What you see is not the real me and never will be.
This is how I survive and overcome the world.
Few will ever know me, and that’s the way I want it.
Why do you care now? Why didn’t you care then?
What gives you the right to intrude in my life?
Like a thief in the night, you look for my desires.
How do I go on like this?
Is this how I will always be?
It is very close to insanity to say the least.
For now I am safe in my world.
This is my world that I create to compensate for all the hate.

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Innocence and Instinct

Light and Dark

Faceless fear
Brilliant Courage
My angel my innocence
My demon my instinct
The devil in my head
The angel in my heart
What is my face
Harder to find
Always fighting
Never resting
One would set me free
The other takes control of me
I want the angel
While I court the devil
Who will win my heart
But until we have faces
We will always wear a mask

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My Love

I love you...
And I don't know what to say to you
I'm scared
I don't know what you think of me
I'm afraid of putting myself out there
To be rejected again
I may be Superman on the outside
But inside?
I'm afraid of letting you down
Of not being there for you
Of not being enough for you
Of leaving you to fight your own battles
I know you're capable
But I love fighting them with you
Of supporting you
Of loving you
And I don't know...
Maybe I feel inadequate
Like you're worth so much more than I am
I think you are
I've messed up so many times before
I don't know how to act around you
But until you tell me
I'll continue to be brave
I won't be afraid of fighting for you
I think you're worth it
I'll step out
Take a leap of faith
Because I don't want to lose you
To lose my greatest treasure and my best friend
To the unknown.
I hope you know this already
But if not here it is:
Honestly and truly,
I Love You.


Poet never coward
Poet is bravery in the heart of warrior
As He himself is a warrior

Poet never coward
As He is a courage lives in the mind of Hero
As He himself is a Hero

Poet never coward
As is the strength resides in the way of Gallant
As He is himself is a Gallant

Poet never coward
As is an intelligence lies in the route of technocrat
As He himself is a Technocrat

Poet never coward
As is a brain in the head of Erudite
As He himself is a an Erudite

Poet never coward
As is the heart in the mind of nation
As He himself is a nationalist

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