2010-2012 Poems

Like thorny vines…
Creeping through me.
Engulfed by memories of us
As I passed by the streets
Of this lovely, empty place.

Like smoke…
The stench of pain and abuse
And the smell of your perfume linger,
Addictive, repulsive.
I face my fears once more.

Like a knife…
Cutting through the wounds
That I tried so hard to heal.
Invisible blood flows-
I wipe them with shaking hands.

Like rain…
Suddenly, tears fell down.
When I thought I had no more.
Courage says, “It’s just a memory”.
I said, “Hate no more.”

Like dusk…
The darkest of twilight shall pass.
And each morn, I breathe freedom.
As I liberate myself from you-
I become alive, I am sober.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~jerlin 20Oct11...back in Thailand.

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