Can you see me?
Am I here?
I didn't even know I was invisble.
I'm there, but you don't see me.
I wave, but you walk past.
Where is the real in reality?
Where is the image in imaginary?

I am here, but you don't see me.
I speak, but you don't hear me.
If you can't hear, then you can't listen.
How will you know how I feel?

I am here.
Trapped in a field of emotions
What do I really feel?
I don't know.

Who am I?
I can't tell you.
How do I feel?
Am I angry, upset, or happy?
I can't tell you.

Stuck, I feel no more.
Stagnant my emotions freeze.
Still, emotionally constipated

I see you.
You don't see me.
I'm yelling.
You still don't hear me.
Where am I?
I can't tell you.

Who am I?
I don't know.
Outsider I think;
Who me?
I maybe.
To you outsider I maybe

You leave me
Emotions rush
Waves of sadness and anger crash upon my shore.
What have I done?
I don't know.

Who am I?
I can't tell you.
You throw me in the wind.
I blow
Drifting farther and farther apart
Distance is long.

Who am I?
You don't know.
Where am I?
I can't tell you.
This same event occurs repeatedly.
Each time with a new being.

Why is this happening to me?
I don't know.
I pray to the one above he shows me the way.
"Things come and go" he says " Who are you? You are one of a kind. You're my precious and I love you."

Who am I?
The ultimate angel
Warrior I am.
Stallion I ride.
I fight.
I protect my own and fight for who I am.

Enemies bewildered and beaten
Fleeing they go
Spiritual warfare I fight
Who am I?
Now you know.

Ultimate angel I am
The warrior I see.
Now you see.
I fly.
Stallion I ride
Battle I fight.

You see me.
You hear me but it's to late.
Enlightened like the Buddha
Passionate like Christ
That's me
Who am I?
The Ultimate Angel

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