Love and memories


2010-2012 Poems

Like thorny vines…
Creeping through me.
Engulfed by memories of us
As I passed by the streets
Of this lovely, empty place.

Like smoke…
The stench of pain and abuse
And the smell of your perfume linger,
Addictive, repulsive.
I face my fears once more.

Like a knife…
Cutting through the wounds
That I tried so hard to heal.
Invisible blood flows-
I wipe them with shaking hands.

Like rain…
Suddenly, tears fell down.
When I thought I had no more.
Courage says, “It’s just a memory”.
I said, “Hate no more.”

Like dusk…
The darkest of twilight shall pass.
And each morn, I breathe freedom.
As I liberate myself from you-
I become alive, I am sober.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~jerlin 20Oct11...back in Thailand.

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I have no Tintern Abbey from where I
Can relive the lovely bygone days of youth
Those seemingly unending moments when
Love was more meaningful than all beautiful dreams
Rapturous laughter amid singing streams!
I cannot name her -- the one I love now
Even though she is mine but somehow
A fear grips me overall when I return
My mind when I loved and lost at a sudden turn
Of life and fate shaking hands to conspire
Against the very heart beats that gave me all!
No, I cannot reveal the name of my beloved,
Lest she too be taken away wrapped in a shroud.
Let me keep her mine and just mine
Plead not to reveal her name in your rhyme.
These days she means God's paradise to me
As my forlorn heart is adorned by her beauty.
Her charm and loveliness are not just skin deep
And in her eyes falsehood does not creep.
She loves me for what I am and I too
Feel the same way for her -- it is true.
Even though I have no TIntern Abbey to stop and pause
And recollect my days of youth with my first love sans cause
I have everything stored in the hidden museums of my mind
And even this anonymous beloved is there leaving behind
Every trace of the shadows of her past and days grim
Lonely nights and tears and sighs and pastures of a whim
Let true love be replayed on heaven's silver screen every night
As 'she', with her talk and her laughter, with the stars shines bright.
Let our union be like the lyrics of the song "Secret Marriage"
Safely kept and treasured by us, away from the world's stage.
(Written by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay. Posted on July 16, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is in response to Melissa Lundeen's poetic reply to my poem "A Treasure Found" posted on July 15, 2011. Inspired by a recollection of William Wordsworth's "Lines Written on Tintern Abbey", which, I happened to read again, after a gap of more than two decades. The woman I love now cannot be named...for that is how her beauty and loveliness lie...being far, far away from the maddening borrow a line from Thomas Hardy. Smiles...

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