*Life After Death*

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins
Life after death
Once we are born
We've used up our very first breath
And our heart
Has start to become worn
Our soul and body begin to part
What do we have to look for 
Once it is our time to go 
For every passing day
The angels above know
The first birth we want again 
Life..we want more 
Memories.. it's just in our mind
We only have them now to store 
But if we could only pray
To keep living.. 
A way we try to find
God would show all new things
Our dreams can come true
A wonderful life God will bring
Only his angel knew
Life after death
We will need to catch a ride on their wing
A new life will begin
With our own set of wings
To fly above in the sky
Everyday a new baby sings
Whenever a spirit moves on 
A christmas bell rings
Only god knows our fate
Finish your business on earth
Forget about hate
In your heart
Only store love
Because soon from earth we will part
You'll know when it's your day
When you take your last gasp of air
And see that warming light
Every worry you once held
No longer for it do you care
When you get to heaven a beautiful sight
Your love for your family you'll always share
This new life don't fight 
God will be there 
With your life after death
Your prayers God will forever hear
He will be by your side 
When you finally take your last breath
Welcoming you to your next life
He will be next to you on your ride
To the heavens above
With the angels in white
And Gods ever lasting love
To heavens door
Floating in the sky
He will help you through it all 
When its your time to die
And when the angels his name they call
Your soul is now free
To roam where it wants
With God you will always be 
Here on earth only your memory will haunt
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Breath of Life!



You are the breath of life that keeps me going
You have saved me from death, you kept me safe
Your love sustains me, you are the breath of life.
The pain that creeps in,
The breath of life keeps me sustained
The breath of life takes away the pain.
You are the breath of life
You are my Refuge, the breath
That takes the pain
The pain that tries to take
All that I am, you are the breath of life.
Take me up to the heavens
Take me up to your Kingdom
Help me know your love is there
You are the breath of life.
Written By Betty Bolden
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Breath of grace

A sigh of relief, exhale.
The chains released for all ages.
The weight has been lifted off my chest.
Saved by the scandal of grace.
So that I may not burn,
For all eternity.
For I long to spend eternity,
With you. Every breath I exhale,
For they no longer burn.
Saved for all the ages,
Through your grace.
Can you hear the pounding in my chest?
I wish to build my treasures in heaven's chest,
To have for all eternity.
To show other's your grace,
So they may exhale,
So they can be saved through the ages.
I do not wish them to burn.
My love for others, the burn 
In my chest.
The love I have for all ages.
Like you, I would give my eternity.
For life you exhale,
And we inhale grace.
For it is your grace,
In our heart's burn.
The fresh exhale,
We release from our chest.
To long for eternity,
To spend with you for all ages.
You were there through all the ages.
You gave us the scandal of your grace.
You promised  us eternity.
The passion in our souls burn.
A roar bellowed from our chest.
We all exhale.
An exhale of relief through the ages.
Our chest you have lifted the sting of death through the scandal of grace.
May your love burn for all eternity.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this sestina at work. Breathe in grace.

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But I declined.

Impy poems

Temptation outside my door

puffing clouds grey

beckoning me 

to breathe



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Annie - July 19, 2012

Kept until the age moving is a chore,

you just want to be free again.

Everyday you give but a bit more,

umtil you can no longer refrain.


Behavioral changes can be observed,

and inferred the end's coming.

Controversy is to or not to end her,

but in both, deaths call is humming.


You've been withered by old age,

your fur more fragile with each breath.

Refused to turn to a new days page,

you deny life, end in watery death.


After the end, you're burnt to utter black,

your death sentence now cracked, shatters.

Shoved in a box, dignity you hopelessly lack;

now nothings's left, and now nothing matters.


Gone from this world, and never coming back,

but in my mind sits the vivid memory.

Of the one who I miss everyday and night,

my long gone, dead dog, my poor little Annie.


Oxygen Genocide

when will we learn to discern ego from truth, & justice from what is right or wrong.. 

your skin feels like glass scratching against the surface of my spirit, & who you are is what you shape yourself to be..

but you'll never be a part of what is me.

shaking with some persperation, tied down & untame.

name's without faces...


blank plastic figures taking over your home place & shattering what's left of your heart's fragile stained glass case,

cracked & already chipping all over the place.

emotional sea over-riding me. there's never a drought in her desolate, humid mental space.

her own breath she's suffocated by..

further wandering into the forest, dimmer as each one dies.

the air must be experiencing high tide.

oxygen genocide. the smoke get's thicker as time passes you by..


climbing ladders, risking your life for status & score.

are we nothing but empty within our core?

destiny must be further out at sea, & these clouds are all that's guiding me.. 

a bit confusing, these doors close behind me..

the shut & slam grows louder each time.

am I walking on a thin line? is there someone there beneath me..?


close your eyes, & see further inside.. reality is just a disguise.

if you can refrain, don't let imagery corrupt your mind.

each & every time I come back around from outside the lines, the coloring is always the same.

dull & grey.. not to change...

i'll leave another blood stain on your concrete floor as i'm walking out the door, once again..

I should of never stopped back in.


imagine, ponder. your love, paralyzed & controlled by fear.. it doesn't feel like they're really here.

all you thought they were is just a blur, or a phase.

the vibe is in constant change. dampened by the harsh rain.. 

spiritual metamorphosis, brain activity levels to hold sustained.


sometimes the screaming within me won't subside.. should I hide?

all I really want is to be one with the sky.

is there only paradise behind the gate's, entering the afterlife..?

It’s Not Over


I know that we haven’t
Reached that point yet
But I have a feeling
That we never will

But if we do
Claim that it’s over
I will never agree
Because it’s not over

It will never be
For you it may be
But for me it’s not over
Because you gave me life

You breathed in my heart
Making it beat again
When at one time
I truly thought it was dead

You revived me
Brought me back to life
More than that
You made me feel

And for all that
I am thankful
And for that reason
It’s not over

Written on
April 8, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written for my Babadee, Tom Neville. No, i dont think this poem is anywhere near as good as some of the others, but it got posted just the same. And i just realized that the title is a Chris Daughtry song. I didn't mean to, but it happened just the same.

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Music and mayhem
Closing in slowly,
I inhaled the words
you spoke to me,
Falling down
I would love to
Breath an air
Light as a feather,
I grab some air
And gasp there's no
Feeling better,
Here I go I'm turning anew
Just Breath

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Another Year

Another year has come and gone, what am I doing wrong?
How far I have gone?
I have to ask it.
Life is hard and I have barely passed,
What have I accomplish in my life, other than surviving by the knife.
Maybe if I accomplish something I would not have to fight.
I feel a knocking at my soul. It is God or some I’m told.
I close my eyes hoping it would go away but it’s still there the next day.
How many more roads do I have to walk down before my life unfolds?
I am lost in a maze looking for faith but all I see is a darken haze.
There is an angel without a halo leading me astray.
I am compelled to following the shadows every day, mocking death with every breath.
Where do I go from here, when there is nothing but fear?

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