I feel to get out of here

I feel like celebrating

Drop the confusion

Adore diversion


Bring out the cake,

It's a new day

We'll make the sun shine so bright,

We'll make it shine till midnight


We talk about our crushes

Say things with all those hushes

Before we dance around

Be free with no chains bound


Then we go to our classes

I put on my sunglasses

Now, my mates don't know what to call me

But all I want is to be happy


We know people good and bad

Some can make us really mad

Even if we see a thousand mean girls

We know life has many to offer


I'm feeling 17

We dance like no one's there

We dare to do those sins

We should fly to nowhere


Fall in love the worst way

Cry and laugh every day

Watch the stars in the sky

Wish as they shine so bright


Now that I'm 17

We explore many things

Before I turn 18

Let's make hell out of this


Another Year

Another year has come and gone, what am I doing wrong?
How far I have gone?
I have to ask it.
Life is hard and I have barely passed,
What have I accomplish in my life, other than surviving by the knife.
Maybe if I accomplish something I would not have to fight.
I feel a knocking at my soul. It is God or some I’m told.
I close my eyes hoping it would go away but it’s still there the next day.
How many more roads do I have to walk down before my life unfolds?
I am lost in a maze looking for faith but all I see is a darken haze.
There is an angel without a halo leading me astray.
I am compelled to following the shadows every day, mocking death with every breath.
Where do I go from here, when there is nothing but fear?

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