Caring and Loving

Ugonna Wachuku


You always talk about
caring and  loving:


You talk about brotherhood and
togetherness. You even take walks
through crowded streets looking for
the needy.


You pray always for the poor and
the unloved. You even pretend that
you care whenever you see me. You
proudly stand in street corners
to sing of your love for humanity.
You even sing of your love on TV
and radio.


You smile those lip service smiles
all the time. I cannot see it coming
from your heart because you always
avoid my eyes. When they call you,
you tell them how much you care;
how much you love. You preach it
from the pulpit. You sing it on
stage with lusting souls. I cannot
tell whether you mean it because
you never show it indeed.


When I needed help, you turned your
pious back on me. You gave reasons.
I might run away, you said. Where then
is the love you preach and sing about?


I needed a place to lay my little head.
But you left me all alone. You told me
to go and sleep in the cold hands of
unhealthy streets. You left me all
alone; all alone to swim with hungry
sharks and heartless people.


You smile when you see me and pretend
to care. You only remember that I exist
when you see me. You pretend to care and
love. Remember, you cannot light-up a room
and cover the light. The light must shine.
You cannot pretend for too long. Even in
my dreams, I see the uncaring and unloving
nature of your being and soul. I calmly see
the hypocrtic handsomeness that you possess:


In my dreams and tears, I scream:
Hypocrite! Hypocrite! Because with
your uncaring nature, you teach me
what love is not. And I learn for
the good of humanity and for me
because all I want to know and be
is what love is:


I'll always scream hypocrite
because you need to know the
truth of the spotted leopard.
Surely, my dear, the truth
will make you free. And my
caring screams will fade
away like a departing
flower fountain! 


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Judy Costea's picture

These are things we will never fully learn here on earth. We must love ourselves before we can love others. and so many times people hide behind a religion to use it as they want people to think better of them. But one day, God will show us and teach us what true love really is. But we should never give up trying to learn and teach our children.
This poem is so true and so much of this is going on in our world. So we have to keep faith and ask God to help us stay on the right path even when others mock his work.
Thank you so much for sharing this poem with all of us.

Lorraine Reutter's picture

I have just read Caring and Loving and I am siting here with a smirk on my face many times have I thought the same thing many people talk out of two sides of their mouths...they preach love and careing but are they? Or are they empty useless words? Thankyou once again for your thought provoking poem. Respectfully Lorraine

Helen Schmidt's picture

Ugonna, A sad but profound poem. So many people have been hurt, and hurt others, because of true feelings hidden behind a mask. It would be a wonderful world if people cared as much for others as they do for themselves. Self-worth is a wonderful thing, but we must perceive the worth of others as well. Helen

Donna Allard's picture

Well.... about time! I sense you can reveal even more if you let go of the gentle hand you write with, tell us exactly what you are seeing, wet the tip of your tongue and let the pen spit upon the paper....Donna btw I have added new poems as well to my site.. cheers!

bettieblue's picture

Hello Ugonna,again you write with such power and imaginative words,I found this poem sad and strong and at the same time made me think of how true it is of many people..and true for so many see the light and actually understand it is one thing,but preaching it and living and living a lie is another..The old saying practice what you preach holds know how to say it with many beautiful words..thank you for this truly reaches deep inside me.

meso's picture

Do not light the room and cover the light.The sceptre of hypocrisy that has dogged mankind.Great work, Ugonna.


Misty Lackey's picture

one of your best poems, this poem is a good word for broken hearts out there, a lot of people I think in relationships pretend to care and they dont, it is very sad. I really love these lines in this poem, Surely, my dear, the truth will make you free. And my caring screams will fade away like a departing flower fountain!

gentle's picture

There is so much said here that represents many including the political & religious leaders of our world. Many smiles with nothing behind the smile. Words of love meaning completely the opposite. Sending their messages of pity to the poor, yet, walking by them on the street as if they do not exist. A world where the two faces of Janus exist each & every day, yet, no one notices because they wear it too. This is a strong & honest piece. I am proud to know the one who is willing to speak these words:Surely my dear, the truth will make you free... Is it within us to be our true selves or are we destined to wear the truth & the lies at the same time? Very insightful...Words spoken with courage & bravado. Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Mary Charest's picture

Dear Ugonna, You have the ability to see beyond the facade. How sad to think about when you consider the alternative. If we could eliminate negativity, then there would be no need for hypocracy. Unconditional love is the only way to rid the world of all this ugliness. Darkness cannot survive in an enlightened world. Keep shining. Love, Mary

deborah russell's picture

Too many people are like this, and I am among them...there are times that everyone does not know how to love. It is part of being human. I love people, but not when they hurt me, or lie to me. Or ridicule me. That is natural, it is human. I hope that when we are human there is some divine intervention, but you are talking about even yourself, my friend. We are all self righteous in our proclaimations. There is no one I have ever met, that is not. Thanks for writing something that everone must see in their own mirror.

Mona Omar's picture

dear uggona to whom are you writing those words ? to the ugly world with double face and personality ? to humanity that wage wars and kill the poor and innocent ? i think all what all the world needs now is LOTS OF LOVE AND CARING :) UNDERSTANDING

myrataal's picture

Dear Ugonna Intense and true. Rilke said, "For one human being to love another, that is perhaps the most difficult of all your tasks; the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation" ... The world and its hypocrites do not love. But that falsehood is easily detected. May their veiled eyes be opened to the truth of Love. Kind regards ~ and thank you for your considering nature. Myra

pudnsis1's picture

So sad, but, true. So many people are good on the outside, but when you get "Behind Close Doors", You never know what the truth will reveal. Thank you so kindly for bringing me here. I can relate so much to this beautiful poem. Linda

Angela Albee's picture

the truth will set you free...well done

Lesa Gay's picture

"And I learn for
the good of humanity and for me
because all I want to know and be
is what love is"

This work is so sad but true.

You have once again made me look within myself to examine what I portray to the world of the person that is me. I think that we, as humans, do at times put on a facad for the world. Let us all hope that what we reflect to the world will be leasons learned to help mankind, not to destroy it.

Very powerful and thought provoking!