My Garden Green With Love

Love is like the pretty flowers opening up to the rainy showers

Blooming in a heart that’s true,  I can now be at one with you

For here in this garden of mine, we have transcended all time

Planted in luscious soil, all it needs now is a little care and toil

Tended by loving hands, love will acquiesce to their commands

Leaves of green,  petals in pretty hues, pay their knowing dues

Beds of delightful pleasures bringing us their richest treasures

Reaching upwards to the sun, the morning light has now begun

Spreading out and drinking in, all that each flower needs within

Plant me in your garden green, let me bloom there and be seen

Tend me there with loving hands, release me from these bands

Let me grow towards the sky, and let the clouds rain their cry

Drinking in its sweet refrain, the freshness of the coming rain

Feed me with the juice of passion, love me in a tender fashion

Watch me grow and see me smile, come to me in a little while

For my bed is green and tended well, I will sing out in the dell

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love is a thing of beauty when treated with tenderness

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Dale Clark's picture

Susie-I've been reading a lot of poetry this morning
and I came upon this one. It's so beautiful! I enjoyed
it very much.
Dale (CJ)