One Wild Horse

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From ink flows meaning. Listen:

When Wildheart lacks lovebeauty

She goes for trinkets,

Seeking to feel the beautiful

she becomes greedy

wanting mere decoration.

what is needed is Love's beauty

Passing through heart as an arrow,

Piercing her numbness;

Like a river

quenching heart's thirst.

she would drop all trinkets if

she could have the love

Of one Wild Horse,

That could not be harmed, stolen, nor changed.

this love would flow like wind.

Leaning on it, she would be borne up------born.

with this love, she'd be stream, not its stones.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

i was trying to find the real need underneath the unreal needs that were masking the real

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kittymonkey's picture

Reminds me of what Sai Baba said, "Some come for the tinsel and trash and not what I have to give."

Others' Poems's picture

I found your Christmas card drawing.. in which
the branches are dovetailed birds..
very beautiful.. I would like to scan it onto the web

Also would like to scan your lion with lamb

O music voiced one, whose sound is the song
of her heart

Elizabeth Burgess Drivas's picture

A call to see and to love no further than each others' perfect, untangled souls...

Dolores Nowak-Akey's picture

I think you found it! Especially since the word "trinkets" can apply to any diversion which we use to fill a need which isn't being filled by what we truly want. Good one.

wemni's picture

postpoems belated thanks

Hi again, Dolores, and again I hope you will forgive me for this incredibly long time (9 years!!!??) in thanking you for your reading this poem with such understanding.

Nicole Velardi's picture

I really liked it. it's so true! WE all try and find love by material thigns but it's not worth it. When I read it, I see the one true love as God. I don't mean to offend you if you're not a bleiever but that's how I see it adn it touched me. Thannks

wemni's picture

postpoems belated thanks

Nicci, It seems I am 9 years late in thanking you for your lovely comment. I agree with your interpretation. I saw the One Wild Horse as many things, but God as one true love is definitely in there. Can't believe I didn't respond to your comment when I should have. I hope this reaches you.....extremely late as it is.

saiom's picture

every time I read this master poem I am reminded to work more in heart centering