I see you for the first time

like a new born baby

you enter my life and leave as quickly

My memory fixed upon your face

Walking and following behind your every step

can't hear or see anything but your grace

waiting for you to turn around

Until then

I will watch in wonder and in astound

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The Bells On Jessup Mountain

When the sun hits just right

The first rays of light

Of the day pave the way

For the morning

Melts the snow just a bit

So it's even brighter lit

Though the ice shall survive

Through the morning

In the tower on the hill

Next to the flour mill

Where the cold can take hold

Even tighter

Lives an old and lonely man

Up before the day began

Full of dreams of a queen

Warmth inside her

While in the valley down below

In a house covered in snow

Last nights coals start to glow

Ever gently

As the new wood starts to burn

And the warm feelings return

And spread with smoke through the throat

Of the chimney

To the old and lonely man

Who with his frail arthritic hand

Pulls the rope in the hope

The bells will call

And bring everyone awake

With the joyful sound they make

As they sing and they ring

Blessing all

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"Poem for Jannine"

by Jeph Johnson


I wanted to write a poem for you
across the table from me
and all I could say is
everything at once
in my silence I settled for:
"you're pretty...very pretty"
but that does no justice to the night
or your smile
and I want to
some night
all night
comment on your eyes
until they change color
in the sunrise

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Jannine, circa 2001 

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Little beads of jasper

tiny and round

placed on a string

worn to balance

one's life

little beads of jasper

so beautifully unique

no two the same

little beads of jasper

hanging around my neck

looking like a million

maybe strapped around my ankle

little beads of jasper

I imagine many different

ways to use you

it has to be just right

little beads of jasper

your meaning grows deep

healing a soul of love

with your touch upon her skin

little tiny beads of jasper

she will make you

a thing of absolute beauty

you never know what shape

little beads of jasper

embark on the journey.

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This past week has taken a great toll on me. My mind and my physical body have felt no greater fear than what it is feeling at this moment. Yet in the center of all this chaos, I have found the Eye of the Hurricane.

I AM: "Don't move Valerie...
Be steadfast and the violent winds will not harm you.
Believe in what I have shown you within yourself.
Although now it may only seem as a dream, or a faded memory of a dream, this is My gift. Not received by all, but has been given.
Keep in constant conscience that only a thief would hide his treasures. Stay steadfast in your new knowledge and let go of the desire in your heart that will kill you. For in letting go, you will then receive all that you truly desire.
Though you have traveled the back roads, you have, remained constant in heart. This, is your passage, know it to be.
Set forth in action, and remain constant in faith. You must use this gift also as your weapon for your most fierce battle, your armageddon, is yet to be fought, and the field is your soul.
Be strong and know that you cannot lose. Only the ignorant are your enemies and they have already lost eternal life, yet their battle remains strong against you. The stronger their fight, the greater your faith must stand."
"Hear ME"  "for I am That, I AM.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

September 1995: Beginning of a major Spiritual Transition

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So many people I know need help

In the hearts and their heads

They don't believe they're competant as beings

But they are times a thousand

And I can say that with no air in my lungs

For when you think of yourself like that

It hurts me that if you can truly believe that

Then what should I be thinking of myself

You are beautiful

I can see it in everybody

It's inevitable

And I'm sorry if you can't accept that you're wondeful

I'm sorry I can't accept it for myself

Why must we all believe that there is something wrong

With the way we were created

No one is perfect

It disgusts me that you should want to be

At least I know that for myself

I never want to be that

Because I have already been created

So have you

So stop believing that the image in the mirror

Is some sort of taboo

And stop trying to make yourself purge

All those evils from your diet

And stop drinking

To make all the hurting go away

And stop taking that medication

That one day will make you pay

And stop abusing your body

With people you think can learn

Because they don't love you like that

And you know although you yearn

And stop digging in deeper with that knife

Hurting your body won't free you

And stop calling yourself names

You're heart is bleeding inside enough

And stop dreaming that your nobody

Because we all know that's not

And stop

Stop all of this

All of this


And stop

Because I can't help you

If you won't save yourself

Do me a favour

Just stop

And help


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my friends who all have their insecurities and need to believe that they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"Like an Angel"

by Jeph Johnson


She walks like an angel
Almost floating by
She sings like an angel
Serenades my mind
She talks like an angel
Never asking why
She's just like an angel
Everything complies

Author's Notes/Comments: 

circa 2000 

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smile from a stranger

a stolen glance

can make you feel so alive

a private moment

for only you

can make your heart sing

a few dropped pounds

a new out look

it's all coming together

I'm blessed to watch

with my very own eyes

as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just inspired by something I heard from a dear friend

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Sweep the sands of life.

Surrender, to your uniqueness as a living wave.

Dare to believe in, you.

Dare, to believe in me when I tell you what love can be.

Trust me to hold your hand, when the only light is that from the moon.

Let us join, heart to heart with hands grasped in an unquestionable alliance. Such as the eagle soars confidently the lift of the thermals' so let me, walk with you my brother.

Let me dance with you in the meadow to the larks tune.

Dare to hold my hand in this walk, let us dare to move closer and dance through the meadows where the lark sings, to the rhythm of the universe.  

As the waves sweep over the sands surrendered in the rhythm of the universe, so too, let me walk with you.

Hand in hand, let us string-course as a living wave across the shores of life. Let us, sweep the sands.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Still on my soapbox...

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