Winter's End

The tulips tilt their sculptured heads

To gaze into the sun.

The lime-green grass is peeping through,

The suckle's on the run.

I hear a melody of songs

From high atop a tree.

It must mean winter finally passed

And spring has set us free!

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Rosemary J. Gwaltney's picture

This is a lovely, lovely poem!

darkpool's picture


You use such small and common words so wisely in this poem that they come alive and make a living picture in my mind. A fine example of an accessible and colorful nature poem.


Douglas Lazard's picture

I am a great lover of nature poetry, and this one is a gem! The title caught my attention and I am glad That I read this one. If you are a lover of nature poetry, you must visit my friend Edwin Robbinette's hall here at post poems. He is a master of nature poetry, ( also a songwriter) and a very good online friend of mine. Tell him Dougie sent you to read his work. I promise you will love it!!!
As always~~
Peace and love ~~~~ Dougie ~~~