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Two Soul's Intertwined

Two Soul's Intertwined (Adult)

we climaxed on the floor...
a hush of breath, the sweat,
shadows block again lest I refrain
It was morning by the looks of the porch

at first the kiss, then a pause...
once again we were at it again banging on the floor,
I stretched my hot cock into her lovely pussy,
orgasmic climax ensued once more

Screaming and moaning on the cement floor,
The covers were light by a mere fabric of our existence
Suddenly we stopped a little fore play on display,
Told her of her sweet loving lushes pussy...

How I wanted to feel my big cock inside her,
Pumping harder then ever before,
Again another pause & we showered together,
Kicking back I had some lotion after we were dry,

I began to rub the lotion on her pussy,
A flavor of strawberry was vibrant to taste..
Sucking her skin through my teeth like meat,
Pussy isn't nothing but meat on the bone I'll

Suck it I'll Fuck it I'll leave it alone....
and then a final touch I decided to whisper in her ear,
You dance on a ring of fire still throw off the challenge with a shrug,
Softer lips filled with vapors of romantic asps

I will treasure those moments but we came too soon.

Mmmm sweets


Mmmm sweets are so good

Making my mouth drip with joy

Looking at the sweet nectar 

As if I was a hummingbird looking for a orchid I am drawen to you


You, as candy drive me crazy

So eager try to show my joy

So hipper to try you over and over 

Licking you like a lollipop on a spring day


Come to me so I may suck and lick you up, as sweet nectar runs down your stems 

You glow like a orchid in the mornings rays


As you glow I bring You to peek and bath in the nectar you make

Mmmm my sweetest orchid it's you I seek

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my aingeal. I love you so.

French Vanilla

Waking you up 
with a gentle kiss on your forehead. 
Brushing your hair off of your face, 
revealing those soft light brown eyes. 
Like a rose you look so innocent, 
although your thorns show me how bad you can be. 
You are so sweet, my French Vanilla. 

Your light cream colored blond hair 
that falls on your silky soft tan body 
Makes my mind go crazy. 
That vanilla perfume you wear, 
sends my senses into shock. 
My sweet, sweet French Vanilla. 

The way your body fits to mine, 
whenever we make love. 
I love hearing that cute french accent 
screaming out my name, 
every time that I am tasting you. 
My sweet French Vanilla.