Peace From Within

Peace From Within

a hush upon the immense solitude alone,
brush off the silence torn in meager illusion

we felt faint upon the setting of the sun
to keep back the resistance with a sign

I sensed a great stirring inside my soul
at first a glimmer of light to unfold

spinning circles inside my brain
no point in comfort lest I refrain

this source comes from heaven above with a touch of love
hope springs a new as it flourished on the vine

created and crafted by a great design
there are lines being drawn in the sand

when will we face the day and ever understand
shadows perched throughout the duration of my thoughts

hands, feet & heart
this shall light the inner spark to what I needed to know

Come inside and take a deeper look and you will see
Torn illumination & hearts being set free

while we live each day in the land of make believe
what are we about to achieve

A sought after excursion from the hand of God
filter through its extreme with his heavenly rod

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