Winters Love

My Everything

Lights twinkle 

Hearts beat

Rosy cheeks

Bright eyes

Tongue sweet

Blanket keep

Two bodies

Night skies 

Dark Side

My Everything


I see your eyes

Move beneath the moon

Rivers of blue

A pleasurable drowning

The darkness flirts 

My darkened prince 

The night worn 

A crown upon your head

Shut me in obscurity 

For the light burns

Without your blackened halo



And I am taken,

Forever, to the dark side

If You'll Have Me...


                          If I'll Have You...???

        Such lovely, tender-hearted words! 
                 Caressing, ever-so-softly, 
                      So Soothing
           Like salve to an open sore....
               OF COURSE I'll have you! 
                      You're my Heart....
              ❤️ Don't you know that? ❤️
For The Lady Who Won't Have to Re-Monogram Her Luggage
  ©Mirror_rorriM_2016           7/20/16 10:52p


Author's Notes/Comments: 

If I thought you were serious, I'd seriously consider it! But I know which way the Pendulum is swinging, unfortunately.

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