Awake in the night

All and nothing

A heart,


so quick and quite,

shrivels fast,

fits large,

on the loom of night.


Frame it,

in your other mind,

as love seeps out,

upon a sigh,

out goes the rush,

breathes slow within.


A heart,


prickles and licks,

lost starlights,

lining the darkness,

 behind lonely eyelids.

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Drive Away The Night

365 challenge



If from my stumble I arose,

and forced my gypsy feet,

to fully quit their rabid mumbling,

and walk the straighter street;

Could i find that lonely want,

with the wind along my back,

A solid happy bedding,

'neath my tumbled loathesome shack?


And what could from under cover hold,

my heartness in its plight,

To soar away this restlessness,

And drive away the night?

For the full sun in all her glory,

forgets ever to pencil in,

the path I need to follow,

and escape these sheets of tin.

(Original Ending to which the comments are made)

Away to coloured heights I'd fly,

As the healing purity falls,

And I'll road my footing wisely,

For I'm castling new King-ly walls.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Word for today Gyspy!

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Stories Of The Night

Whenever I was scared at night or woke up with a fright

Mom would snuggle in bed next to me and talk about the night.


“There’s nothing to be afraid of.” she’d say in a soft and soothing tone.

“For the night is full of wonders and miracles...all its own.”


“You can see it in the stars...or in the flash of a firefly

unmistakable proof...the night has a twinkle in her eye.”


“There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a world lit by the moon

it’s the only time some animals come out...like the opossum or raccoon.”


“The nightingale and the owl fill the night with their sweet song.

And you find a rhythm in your step...as you try to sing along.”


“As you’re listening to the music if you’re lucky...you just might

see the blossoms of the moon flower...which only blooms at night.”


I’m sure Mom kept on talking...in that voice so comforting and deep

But by the time she got to moon flower I was usually fast asleep.


I stopped being afraid of the dark...and I know it wasn’t right

but for years I pretended to be scared...


just to hear her stories of the night.

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Winters Love

My Everything

Lights twinkle 

Hearts beat

Rosy cheeks

Bright eyes

Tongue sweet

Blanket keep

Two bodies

Night skies 

Dark Side

My Everything


I see your eyes

Move beneath the moon

Rivers of blue

A pleasurable drowning

The darkness flirts 

My darkened prince 

The night worn 

A crown upon your head

Shut me in obscurity 

For the light burns

Without your blackened halo



And I am taken,

Forever, to the dark side



At night

When the country is covered in darkness

When everyone is asleep

When everyone is dreaming of their utopia

When I am screaming for help

When I cannot breathe

When I cannot live

When I am alone

No one can help me at this time

No one can save me from my thoughts

No one can release me from the sadness that occupies my heart, or controls my head

I do not deserve their help

But God, I wish I did


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally written on 09/04/2016

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