Mayhem of Maybe

365 challenge





Yes seizes,

No freezes,

Maybe matters!

Matter mashes,

Utter crashes,

Sworn tatters.

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Mayhem for the challenge

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"The Demons of Man"

I fabricate skyscrapers, piercing the heavens with chrome blades.

I see a world of fire: combusting, incinerating, devouring.


The valleys burn red with blood stained spades,

The universe watching discreetly, towering.



The demons of man ignite the skylines as day bleeds to night,

The structures emitting a silent roar as the stars lay breathless.


The avenues inhale kerosene, reflecting red light,

The cities burn to ash, dying, defenseless.



As the aggregation of starlight coats our landscape with a luminous glare,

The ruins of a million memories electrify the skies.


The fires burn out as the moon is relieved of its empowering stare,

The once amplified street pinned under its arbitrary demise.



Once upon a time, when man walked with man,

I stared in the eyes of a world worth living.


I watched as it twisted, tore, became a cancerous scan;

Mankind destroying itself, relentless, unforgiving.



As I walk under a sun that illuminates a planet encased in sorrow,

Tears fall parallel to light rays.

As clouds float in a boundless ocean, awaiting tomorrow,

I continue roaming, a stranger, in a world astray.

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The Storm

I feel lost in my thoughts
Only the worst comes to mind
No bright side to be found
Like the calm before a storm
All seems good right now
But the storm will eventually come

Nothing good can come from a storm
It leaves mayhem and sadness in it's wake
But you can't live in the mayhem and sadness
You have to rebuild and overcome it

Even though at the time it's hard
Eventually the sun will come out
And even if there's still rain
The rainbow will be a beautiful sight.

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