I really wanna kick

the shit out of the next person

who tells me they’re colorblind

and they brag is if

this is something 

of which to be proud.


I just envision them

all homogenized and safe

in their polite little gatherings

unable to see the truth;

unwilling to even face it.


I leave them there

& I take a walk outside

after a rain shower

& I see a rainbow 

forming from the asphalt

and I thank God

I’m not colorblind.


When I walk the zoo

& witness the brilliance

of a peacock’s feathers

& the glorious spots & stripes

of leopards & tigers

I’m glad I can discern color

& when I used to drop acid

that’s when I was really ecstatic

not to be colorblind.


And I can see skin color

as easily as hair or eye color.

It would be silly

not to see as much.

Black & white can both

be beautiful

and let’s not forget red and yellow

and all the glorious shades between.


Let everyone be what they are

Naïve pretense of sameness is stupid.

Let’s celebrate the differences

instead of politically correct notions.

I ain’t colorblind

& I don’t wanna be a sheep.

I’m just a human being

& so are all the other peoples

that gracefully decorate the planet.


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American Me

My blood line is from the South
You say my name in plain English
I have a pronunciation in Spanish
My blood line is Inca and Spanish
Nicaragua is the name
Karen, is my name
So, Americanize me!

Today, I saw your sun
Today, I have an accent
What are you waiting for?
Civilize me!

My eyes are brown
I have two legs, two arms
Brown hair
Deep creamy white skin
Now, do I have to wear short clothing?
So, you can accept me?
My skin is white
What are you waiting for, American me?
My mouth is shut silent
What are you waiting for?
I, too, have a tea set and; drink from a tea cup
What are you waiting for?
Lynch me

I look at your moon
Mine, is in the third world
What did I do to you?
I have distorted your world.
What are you waiting for?
Kill me.
Work me to death, educate me,
American me
I, too, know, I can walk alone.
This is your sun
Mine, is in the third world
Americanize me.

- Karen Oviedo

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Fighting Black

The Early Works

Why are all these black women hatin?
I see their eyes pop out like gangsters
Every time I say the words
Inter-racial dating
I’m all for multi-culture and equality
Yet you act like my blackness should be an automated monopoly
The thing is…
I’m a man and I’ll never white girl for being fine
I wont mind if she makes a beeline for a piece of my peace of mind
Yes we’ll wine and dine you may fear we’ll settle down
Maybe you’ll learn not to throw your weight around
Crush a brother like society
Unite and contrive to keep a brother down
It’s so…unfounded that we always want it…easy
Killing theory as I strive to please thee
I want a woman who doesn’t think she’s too good to please me
And really…
It aint just you should have it all
A man who’s Morris chestnut, usher
Who can deck you out better than Harrods entrance hall at Christmas

I hope your listening
I’m black and successful
Does it make me accessible?
You want a piece of me now I run tings like a general
I’m available to you now because my pie looks edible
Maybe I’ll get with you for…
Apples but naturally no peaches
Nice personality
Maybe next Sunday our date will be …
With a preacher
Ok well see you
I thought I had commercial qualities
I know for breakfast I wont be getting ackee and saltfish
Callaloo and dumpling on a Sunday morning
For dinner if you cook…the chicken wont even have salt in
I don’t wanna be a patois translator
A lyrical motivator who got cleaned out by a woman who wanted to get laid
But couldn’t get paid even if her name was cash generator
I would hate that
It would be like disaster struck again
That’s why I cry in earnest black women
Don’t overlook too many black men

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