I really wanna kick

the shit out of the next person

who tells me they’re colorblind

and they brag is if

this is something 

of which to be proud.


I just envision them

all homogenized and safe

in their polite little gatherings

unable to see the truth;

unwilling to even face it.


I leave them there

& I take a walk outside

after a rain shower

& I see a rainbow 

forming from the asphalt

and I thank God

I’m not colorblind.


When I walk the zoo

& witness the brilliance

of a peacock’s feathers

& the glorious spots & stripes

of leopards & tigers

I’m glad I can discern color

& when I used to drop acid

that’s when I was really ecstatic

not to be colorblind.


And I can see skin color

as easily as hair or eye color.

It would be silly

not to see as much.

Black & white can both

be beautiful

and let’s not forget red and yellow

and all the glorious shades between.


Let everyone be what they are

Naïve pretense of sameness is stupid.

Let’s celebrate the differences

instead of politically correct notions.

I ain’t colorblind

& I don’t wanna be a sheep.

I’m just a human being

& so are all the other peoples

that gracefully decorate the planet.


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I like color. It would be boring if everything looked the same. Flat. I vote for more colors please!


Our real troubles are rich against poor.

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Acknowledging Color

is the new politically correct - what happened? We had that solved. It's in the dictionary and everything under diversity. What happened? (Good write. White peope are beautiful too? Great!)  - Yours In blackness, sc