A Tainted Beauty

Everyday I look at the world

and everyday I realise its beauty

the beauty of its people

of its landscapes 

of its cultures.

And yet everyday

that beauty is destroyed

piece by piece

its people

by war

its landscapes

by pollution

its cultures

by extremism

and so I find the world to be 

a tainted beauty

but a beauty none the less. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just find the world to be inspiring and awful daily and yet I find there can be alot more good in the world than their is bad and so I find it to be tainted by the negatives but that does not mean the world isnt amazing, wonderful, inspiring, breathtaking. It is. And I hope it always will be. 

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Do you know who Anne Frank

Do you know who Anne Frank is? If you don't please do a little research. Even after all the atrocities she faced, dying in a concentration camp and facing hardship after hardship she still believed that humans were naturally good. If she didn't loose faith in humanity we shouldn't either. You are one person, but one person CAN make a difference.
Well written, I enjoyed this piece. It made me stop and think and that is what great writing does.

Long days and pleasant nights


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Thanks for the comment!

Of course I know who Anne Frank is! She was a inspirational person always seeing good in the world :) Of course one person can make a difference but I do believe it can be either positive or negative to the world (for example the likes of Anne Frank or Martin Luther King as opposed to Stalin or Hitler etc.)  though I would argue that most people provide positivity to the world so I know not to loose my faith in humanity just yet. Glad you enjoyed reading it!