Falling In Love Under The Stars

Love Poetry

A gentle wind soars passed,

caressing her smooth skin.

She quietly shivers

and pulls him closer to herself.

Her eyes lay closed.

soaking in the sounds of nature.

Breathing in his wonderful scent,

which always makes her smile.

Journeying within her mind,

to all the memories past.

Remembering those other nights,

laying here in his arms.

Wondering about what he's thinking,

that beautiful smile on his face.

Taking note of every feature,

how his eyes dance with love.

She takes one hand up,

just to touch his cheek.

With a smile on her face now,

she leans up to kiss his lips.

As their lips finally meet,

passion burns within their hearts.

Clinging tighter to eachother,

their hands explore with gentle touch.

His arm moves upwards now,

removing her bra strap from her shoulder.

Replacing it with another kiss,

as he whispers "I Love You"

She stares deeply into his eyes,

and says it right back with meaning.

They lay down beside eachother again,

as they make love for the first time.

Their love was truely ready,

to withstand the troubles of life.

Still together to this very day,

making love beneath the stars.

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