In Search of Home

Love Poetry

Laying within the comforts of the fluffy white snow,

I close my eyes and begin to dream.

Taking myself on a journey far away,

where theres pleasure instead of pain.

Traveling across many miles and states

but only inside of my minds eye.

I stumble into your waiting arms,

like I've wanted to so many times in the past.

Your gentle touch soothes my heart,

taking away all of my troubles.

One kiss from your sweet lips,

leaves me breathless next to you.

The snow melts around me slowly,

as I lay there all month long.

Just waiting patiently to be saved,

from everything haunting me inside.

A place to call my own,

where I'm free to be who I am.

Standing with the man of my dreams,

safe within his strong arms.

A time will come for me soon I hope,

where my dreams will all come true.

Lost inside of my lover's soft touch,

I'll finally be at home.

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