Warm Touch of Almost

Love Poetry

My heart is soaring among the clouds,

I've fallen in that forever kind of love.

Everyday I stare at that beautiful creature,

that stole my breath away.

Wonder what runs through that mind of his,

while he's thinking about me.

Hope he feels eternity in his veins,

at each word that we speak.

My reason for believing in love,

is all that I feel for this man.

Never forgetting for a moment,

that in his heart, I am.

That sound of his voice as he sings,

enough to capture my soul.

Devoted his life to showing me,

just how true this love is.

At night I can even feel,

his arms surrounding me tight.

Imagining his lips so close,

close enough to taste.

Don't ever want to wake up,

from the dreams where I'm with him.

Reality being that cold slap in the face,

reminding me that he's not right here.

Only a few more months left,

until I'm in his arms once again.

I'll never let go of this dream of mine,

that this love is true and will never end.

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