Soul mates

Dont Leave

My Works

I had you in my life

and I was so sure

that it was right.

I don't doubt it even now

that you are the one..

I'm meant for,

meant to be with.

Maybe you don't think so

but you will see it soon.

No one could ever love you

as much I do.

I'd do anything for you

and you know it.

Just dont leave right now

because I'm not sure

of what would happen to me.

I try to be strong,

I try to hold on,

but when I think of you..

and what would happen,

if you left me again..

I just don't know.

I don't like who I am,

when your not around.

Its as if,

I'm being broken down

and something is missing

it doesn't feel right

please don't leave

because I need you here tonight

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Peaches and cream dreams

Peaches and cream dreams

I need to be your black queen

Muscles bursting from ur seems

Living it up

And living it good

If u rude

Then put a girl in the mood'

Not just ways but words

Dam boy wut u got on your mind

You been w/ 2 many of dem birds

I don't know what you heard

But word

'I give

And I give my all

Being w/ me there's no down fall

It's raw

From the moment you held my hand I saw

I saw that we was tight

Knew you do me right

So I braid your hair tight

Wifey for life

Despite changes and ways

Phrases that keep me intanct

It's fact

I would rather be in your arms

Out of harms way

Than be any where else on earth

If not God might as well take me away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

U ever had that feeling? Of just knowing you love you boo your boo loves you too. and for this it's all good.

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Do you think I am selfish

Do you think I don't care?

Let me tell you that "I do"

I cannot wait to become yours

To hold you forever in my tears

The whispers of tomarrow

Cradle you tight

Now go to bed I'll kiss you goodnight

I'll tuck you in

And hold you dear

The cradle of happiness

Now is near.

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A Broken Circle

A Broken Circle

Two complete halves, with a hole in the middle

Like two hands reaching out

   Starting from the same point

      But unable to touch

Broken by Laughter, fused by Love, worn with emotion-Pride/distraught


A reminding sight that brings a tear from my eye

a piercing pain that brings a drop of blood from my finger

I wear thee with love, love above all loves, The True love of two souls.

I wear thee with fear, of the mocking simplicity of the shattering fate

I wear thee with regret, for all my emotions go into thee, and few are returned

I wear thee with Hope, for thy dreams to come from the to be realities

Eternally or Disposably ... I Cherish you forever

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Visions of You

In my head

As salty tears

run off of my pillow

and into my bed

reminiscing of nights

Laying on your chest

Listening to your heart beat

As you sleep into your last breath

For this moment it's you and me

Two become one.

Cascading showers of this heavenly Love

Run through my body,

As I taste your tongue

Lay your troubled mind on my shoulder

I am at peace when I am with my Soldier.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"I am one when I'm am with my soldier"

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Soft thoughts

You fall across my thoughts like dew upon the grass.

So refreshing and so wonderfully beautiful.

Then the thought of your smile takes away the temporary absense of you in my life. Warm my soul with your touch, my memories don’t suffice.

Remind me of how right you are for me and remain in my sight for Eternity!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dun' really have any comments for this. Just another one of my poems for my romance obsession.

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Picture Me There...

Love and Pain

Surrounded by dust and dirt

Beauty hides herself completely

in a desolate place

Only to look up and upon

the grandest bedspread of dancing stars

on a Milky-Way bed

Crosshatched and speckled all over the sky

Unbothered by neighbors below

Desiring to have someone with whom to share

this portion of Creation's thousand-page book

But no one is near...

Picture me there

Driving west after a September sixish

One, in the audience of millions

Marvelling Mother-Sun's pasteled finale

She wakens the silenced melancholy

in the human innermost

Nostalgic memories of innocent summers past

Knowing that summer is bidding her long goodbyes

Longing to drive in pursuit of her flight

with someone by your side...

Picture me there

Attempting to rest on life's concrete floor

Merciless pain echoing off hard, cold walls of reality

whether the irreversible loss of mother

or unavoidable thorns of Earth's natural rotation

pricking the soul

With no one to wipe your tears or massage your heart

Without a friend, your load to share

Just close your weary eyes...

Picture me there

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You helped me through my troubles and problems, if I had to choose anyone best friend you would be the one. You and I have a bond that no one can break, the bond is nothing you can hold and nothing they can take. When I feel like I'm all alone my heart tears, but then I look over my shoulder and see you standing there. Is it friendship or is it love I really don't know, but you are always there with my highs and my lows. I love you now and our bond is till the end, I feel you and trust you. You're my guardian.

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Hold My Hand

I can't seem to stop myself from crying,

You can't seem to stop yourself from lieing,

This all needs to end real soon,

Or we won't be able to continue on,

In the meantime...

Hold my hand tighter,

Hold my hand for just a little longer.

I can't keep on running,

My legs become weak,

I don't want you to leave me,

And I don't wish to hold you back,

In the meantime...

Hold my hand tighter,

Hold my hand for just a little longer.

I fall down and scrape my knee,

I cut my arm and begin to bleed,

I begin to cry

And you say to me,

In the meantime...

"Hold my hand tighter,

Hold my hand for just a little longer."

I grasp your hand tighter,

Just as you said,

You pull me to my feet,

And kiss my bruised knee,

In the meantime...

Hold my hand tighter,

Hold my hand for just a little longer.

We run together,

Days at a time,

We are tired and ill,

Of always having to run,

In the meantime...

Hold my hand tighter,

Hold my hand for just a little longer.

We reach our destination,

We have reached our goal,

We are in an abyss of happiness,

Together we can hold,

In the meantime...

You held my hand tightly,

And I'm glad you could hold it just a little longer.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love u manny

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