Engraved Within A Heart

Love Poetry

I want to give you forever,

serve it up to the most deserving of my heart.

Follow the request made,

by the engraved center of my heart.

Carved deep within the middle,

is your name, marked forever together.

This love is nothing short of real,

because I have you at my side.

This smile I wear when I hear your voice,

is enough to show I care.

When I am without my darling angel,

I swear, my heart stops beating.

I wish I could show you forever,

with just a promise to you.

My heart being the promise,

forever loving only you.

You are my dream come true,

one with a love so pure.

In you I see that golden heart,

that floods me with desire.

What we have here together baby,

no one could ever tear apart.

Our love is so strong,

and I'd never give up on you.

Just waiting for that day,

when I can jump into your arms.

I'm never going to let go,

I've waited too long for that.

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