Heart of Truth

Love Poetry

After every tear drop falls from my eyes,

you always return the smile to my face.

Precious to my heart is this love

that so consumes my mind.

Everything that you do for me,

fills me with happiness and love.

Devoting your life to loving me,

I feel so undeserving of you.

Your heart of gold shines brighter

standing next to this tattered one.

What is it that you can see in me

that makes this woman so beautiful?

Could it be the same things that I see

inside of you, all that beauty contained?

Waiting deep down inside to be set free

for all of the world to finally see?

Glance into the mirror, can you

possibly see all that I can see?

The love that surrounds your soul,

and the beauty that radiates from you.

Stand up and be proud my love

of all that you have become.

I will devote every moment to showing you

how beautiful you truely are, inside and out.

Never doubt my words to you,

they come from my heart of truth.

I'd walk across a thousand miles,

just to sit down beside you.

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