Make Me -OR- Break Me

Love Poetry

arguing over the phone

who loves who more

friends staring and laughing

placing their fingers down their throats

love jolting between fingertips

as fingers intertwine

seemingly only a gesture of love

but the power of being connected

can leave your heart content

pressed up against the walls at school

lips locked and arms surrounding eachother

teachers trying to break you apart

too lost in his/her eyes

to even notice they're there

all the good times that can only

complete your very soul at that moment

are also the ones that hurt

when he/she breaks your heart in the end

its all a repeat of that first time

that love flooded your heart so sweetly

and ripped you apart so cold

until your heart finds its match

even then, there are those similarities

but the unmistakable new feeling in your heart

like its found a whole new world

just inside those new eyes

He/She will tell you those very things

you've heard so many times before

but even with the doubt in your mind

your heart feels the truth...

you've finally stumbled upon the one person

that will never break your heart

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