My Prince With A Heart of Gold

Love Poetry

Drowning in an endless nightmare,

without you i cannot breathe.

Lying alone in my torture chamber,

praying for my release.

Stuck inside of my past,

where dreams fade away.

You have brought back the light

that makes me live each day.

Ripping away every memory,

filling my mind with ease.

To you I owe my life, my love

you brought an ending to my pain.

Reality pulling me down so low,

you've given me angel wings.

Now I soar so high above the world,

that hurt can never reach my soul.

Damaged no more for I have you,

the tears have stopped their flowing.

All my world has found its prince,

with the purest heart of gold.

Seaching no more for I have it all,

you've given my world new light.

I love you more then I could ever say,

I hope my heart reaches you tonight.

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Terri T's picture

This is gorgeous, really great use of imagery and I cannot wait to recommend to my other PostPoems pals to check out your work.
Well done again
New fan, Terri T