Soul mates

Astral Love

Heart Songs

As the waning moon shines through your window

And silvery stars twinkle lanterns bright

Lay your head, my love, upon your pillow

In sweet slumber, come to me tonight.

Shadowy clouds, lined with silver gleam

Wafting slowly by as gentle winds blow

Lullaby whispers of a distant dream

Bring memories of love from long ago.

Visions unfold as you drift towards the sky

Riding a moonbeam of glimmering white

Gathering speed the higher you fly

Please hurry, my love, for I miss you tonight.

Floating up into space lit by heavenly light

As we have done so many times before

Each night we embark on our love’s astral flight

Until we are together once more.

The moment arrives of celestial bliss

At long last, at my side you appear.

Thru eternity we’ll continue to meet just like this

Take my hand.  Feel my love.  I am here.

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Have We Met?

Heart Songs

Please tell me, have we met before?

In another life? On a distant shore?

Since we first spoke, I feel so sure

That somewhere we have met before.

Why is it that my heart feels light

And soars with joy when you’re in sight?

My pulse beats wild, my senses race,

And in my mind I see your face.

Why is it that I cannot hide

The feelings that I have deep inside?

You seem to know what’s on my mind.

My thoughts, my dreams, my fears, you find.

This is so strange, the way I feel.

Is this a dream? Or is this real?

I can’t explain it. I don’t know how.

All I know is You and Now.

Have we met? Do you feel it too?

I’m so confused. This can’t be true.

My heart says yes, my mind says no,

And I don’t know which way to go.

I think and think and think, in vain.

I sometimes think I’ve gone insane.

Funny huh? But I am sure

That somewhere, we have met before.

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I Promise


I promise to hold you until you breathe your last breath

To let you cry until you have no more tears

I promise to love you not just in this life but into the next

And to make you laugh at least once each day

I promise to kiss you each morning

To be your shelter, and your rock

I promise to never go to bed angry

And to listen when you need to talk

I promise to be honest in all things

To support you in following your dreams

And I promise to never tie you down

But always hold you close

I promise to make you your favorite meal on your birthday

And to buy you flowers for no reason at all

And I promise to keep looking and waiting for you

I promise it will be worth the wait

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem for the woman I want to marry but have yet to meet, my soul mate.

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Lay Down--Cry Now More

Lay down-

Cry no more-

In my arms go to


Breathe softly-

Evil has passed-

In my arms, you are


Death came-

She did not stop-

Green grass still grows

There is still life

Pain still hurts-

Tears still fall-

Sun still shines


Dark night-

Evil lingers

Powers protect

You are delivered

Rest now-

You are in my arms-

Safe I will keep you


Kings fall-

Stars wane-

My love for you waxes

All the more

Here in my arms-

You're sleeping-

Be at peace

Darkness has passed

You dream-

You see her-

She comes for


She is loving-

Peace is her wings-

Death bears you away


Not now-

Your time, no-

Continue you must

Go on

Fatigue sets-

Never forgiving-

Press on

To the mark

Soon you will come-

Finally, the end road-

There she awaits you

To carry you home

Fear no more-

Hurt can't touch you

Jehovah still reigns


At peace will I be-

Soon I will follow-

Then I'll be in your


I will weep-

You will comfort-

My tears gone,


In your arms-

You hold me-

I will lay down my head

And sleep

Fear we, no more-

Hurt cannot touch-

In Jehovah's arms

We sleep

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The beloved is attacked by evil powers and the speaker comforts him. Eventually, they boh die, and they rest together in God's arms, both finally at peace. Emily Dickinson inspired.

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She Is My Soul

Cheers! - es + ie = ?

(A cute little rebus

For a cute little girl)


The rebus does not

Do justice

The inner glow

Of its true namesake

Nor does it sing

Like my heart sings

Whenever I have the pleasure

To ‘hear’ her soul


A soul which will, no doubt

Be spared

The humiliation

Of heaven and hell

For its destiny is that

Of the stars above

And the earth below

Of the ethereal void

And ascent bestowed












Or control




She comforts my soul

She attracts my soul

She feeds my soul

She is my soul

The Angel

Of my


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Where are you?

I’m hurt.

Like a wounded deer I lie down and bleed.

I cry and wait to die.

I search for the person to keep me warm;

To heal my wounds.

But whenever I think I found you,

My heart is broken again.

It hurts, I can’t take it anymore.

I cry to sleep,

Like a little sheep.

My wounds don’t heal,

This pain is just too real.

You’ve got to help me.

Where are you?

I’m here, alone in the dark.

In the cold rain, crying and bleeding.

Help me, bring me to the light.

To the happy place.

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Can I trust myself to let go of everything?

To let in that which could uplift or destroy me?

Open this heart to receive another?

Let my heart's vigilance give way to affinity?

See, I've always wanted to meet you

Even when I didn't know it for sure

There's something in your heart so familiar

That makes me think together we can soar

I hope this connection will endure

I hope that this stays vibrant and true

But I'll tell you something I'm absolutely sure of

Mi corazón is always and forever with you

Down I plunge into my depths again

Analysing every possibility of outcome

But I know this fact without self-question

If I shy away, I'll forever lie here numb

There's something about you which makes me glow

Your resolve to ascend, to transcend limitations

To be the author of your own unique legend

Instead of being a page in the Book of Imitations

I hope this connection will endure

I hope that this stays vibrant and true

But I'll tell you something I'm absolutely sure of

Mi corazón is always and forever with you

I look at myself through this reflecting eye

And I look at your picture on my CPU screen

And I sometimes wonder how one like you

Can claim to love one who's so flawed and obscene

But then I remember the words that we share

Through Trans-Atlantic, surging current wire-frame

The side of me, little known, you've now awakened

Counteracting all feelings that constitute shame

I hope this connection will endure

I hope that this stays vibrant and true

But I'll tell you something I'm absolutely sure of

Mi corazón is always and forever with you

You see, my love, a soul like yours is hard to find

Amongst the mindless acolytes of whim and convention

In the land of cavalcading liars and haters

It's difficult to feel, let alone form a connection

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem for the girl I love ....5000 + miles away...

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For The Rest Of My Life

Every time you touch me

Every time I hold you

It's just so easy to see

What I'm going to do

For the rest of my life

I want to live it with you

For the rest of my life

I know what I'm going to do

What I do tommorrow

I just don't know

But I know what thing

I'm still gonna love you

Sometimes when we're away

I wonder why I love you

But when I see your smilin face

Your love comes shinin through

Yo're my sunshine in night

A friend when I'm alone

And I don't know what I'd do

If you were ever gone

For the rest of my life

I want to live it with you

For the rest of my life

I know what I'm going to do

I think God has blessed me

With more than I deserve

So I thank him everyday

To be blessed with this girl

There's only so much

I can do for you

But you know every word and touch

Everything is true

I can't give you what you deserve

Not a man on this earth could

You know if I could give you the world,

Then Rusti, you know I would

There's no way to tell you

The feelings I've had

It's something I don't know how to do

But I try the best that I can

I don't know anything special

And I don't know what to do

All I know how to say

Is that my princess, I love you

I know what I'm doing

For the rest of my life

I'll be spending time

With the love of my life

For the rest of my life

I want to live it with you

Fro the rest of my life

I want to spend growin old with you

For the rest of my life

I just want to spend my life with you

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I don’t know where to place it, do I lay it here or there?

Does it really matter what I put it through and how I abandon it?

Life has cruel jokes and ways of making you scold your own destiny

Trying to deflect the true virtues that wait for you once you have given in

Stand away from the winds that blow to the north of the life you left behind

Hide behind the lies that blind you everyday and remind you of what has happened

Time brings the same crisis time and time again, making our life a sequel of yesterday

Through so much turmoil we sleep to wake to a new day, only to find tomorrow is now

I can’t see it no more, I can’t bare to part with it one more time and lose all I have gained

Tears shed so many times to flood the heavens with tastes that unkind words twist

Go from me and follow the light that drifts the clouds to a far place of emptiness

I need not to see the face that betrayed my heart and forsaken me to a life of fear

I was invited to a party to dine with my future, a feast that took a piece of my soul

Left me to wander seeking for shelter from the heat that caused my faith to tremble

Where can I go to put away all of my transgressions and find a smile to give me life

I fear that I will ride into my destiny unaccompanied and left to be alone in death

Where can I place it, do I just leave it or treat it right?

My heart you see, goes on crying and not believing in love and fears all caresses

I follow my soul to seek a new breathe to take into my dying body perishing into nothing

I have come to a wall of uncaring emptiness to find that I will not know what to do

I have lost with out losing for my loss is that of what I have not and will not.

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