"Post-Coitus Observation #1"

by DaddyO  

A wet dollup of cum lies hardening on my pubic hair.


Off the cuff, and drifting into blissful body high with my babygirl in my arms,

I laugh and tell her: "it's pubic hair conditioner!"


Babygirl says:

"No Daddy, it hardens. It would make better mousse."


Together we start trying to say:


"Pubic mousse."


I betcha you can't say that ten times fast!


"Pubic mousse, 

Pubic mousse, 

Pumic muss,

Pubic moooo,   

Pubic muse, 

Pubic mews, 

Poobic mousse, 

Pubic mousse, 

Pubic mouse,

Pubic ahahaha haha"

We conclude it is just too impossible to do

And move on to trying new tongue twisters.

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