respect there sacrafice

                               respect there sacrifice 2015


 I wanna tell you about a people who give more and more each day
they're from many different races and worth more that words can say
these people chose this way of life and some have paid a heavy price
so take a look at what they've done and respect there sacrifice
it saddens me when older veterans are treated with animosity
just be cause there not the same as when they left your city
it doesn't mean you throw away that precious gift of life
please show you care by your salute and respect there sacrifice
they've given us all they have for our nation to be free
some have paid with there lives and knew that's how it had to be
so pray for those heroic soldiers and please take my advice
and say thank you to these men and women and respect there sacrifice




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was a poem i wrote just this mornng, im a very patriotic gal my dad had served in the korean war and he has taught me to have respect or those who would lay down there life for another even if they didnt know you and has taught me that a gift of this magnatude can never be repaid,  happy memoreal day every one.


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