I Run after Glory

You run after money,

I run after glory,

As it is the grandeur,

That I hold so dear.



When I will not walk on earth anymore,

When I will not breathe touching the shore,

When I will no longer be a dreamer,

I will still long to be alive inside the seeker!



The means to be sentient for eternity,


Is to smear your name in G L O R Y!    

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The Rook

The Rook,

standing atop a king's castle,

his shining armor gleaming in the sunlight,

crossbow at hand,

dagger within his scabbard. 


He looks abroad,

and sees beneath the meadows

what appears to be an army;

an army of great size,

not sparing a moment

he loads the crossbow

awaiting hell among him.


When they are close enough

to where he can see the

facial hairs of the men;

he reigns fire;

as they besiege the castle,

he mercilessly slaughters,

mercilessly murthers,

every sword that touches

the gate.


Alas, he is overrun,

too many men to hold.

In the name of honor

he prepares to make his

final stand;

he grabs a sword from

its sheath,

stabbing and slitting;

the sword and dagger alike,

turning to a wine red,

his uniform stained with blood.

There the body lies,

the body of the Rook.



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Good Ol' Red White and Blue

It floats up above our head

Made of colorful thread

The first one was made by hand 

And even that one looked so grand

It's always inspired me

When it's up there for all to see

It gets soldiers through the night

So they wake up to see the light

Because when they see it flying

It reminds them why they kepp on trying

It represents the land of the free

And it means everything to me

It's lasted through all the ages

And people write about it, pages and pages

Without it, our country is naught

Even though so many have fought

All those soldiers on the front lines

Reminds me that this country of mine 

Is always free, through and through

All because of that Red White and Blue.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a poem that I came up with in class this last year when we did "found poetry". As always, feedback is appreciated!

Brief Moments

they may have been very few
the days I thought the world
was made for only us two
sitting in the darkness
looking to the sky anew
there was nothing that
couldn't be broken through
that was something I never knew
how I felt in those brief moments
where the only dream I dreamed was you
intoxicated my mind,
made me believe this was all so true
will be resting my bones next to you
I miss the short and sweet images that i drew
right before the unforeseen hits without a clue
that instant where everything is shattered blue
time stops, I decompose, there's nothing left
slowly fade away and hold on to those ideals
the day my footprints were laid in stone
never forget who you were, what we were
where the sun gleamed onto our horizon
we were only ourselves, in infinite glory
safe for a lifetime of this extraordinary story


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any constructive criticism would be most welcome :)

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Slumber And Pleasure In The Last Days Of Season's Delight

We drink to the summer's fall
make love and pleasure in the temples of winter's kingdom
seeing visions of visions and touching garments
of purple and white
and dance to the god's command
by the shadow and by the fires of night
we sing the song of salvation and pray
for the coming rapture of glory and light.

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My Work

I am not buried;
why then, can’t I breathe?
Oxygen is brutal,
sun reeks of fear.
Crosses have been carried;
ascended, yet I grieve.
Struggling is futile,
for signs of danger, clear.
Saline is not solitaire;
storm; a different rain.
Clouds, becoming purest air;
how could this be pain?
Conscience has been dealt with;
daydreams haunt the night.
Senses I have felt with,
fail me in this light.
Is the direction?
How much do I take?
Is this my defection,
or reality to make?
With no castled walls to scale,
no fire forbidden.
No dragons disguised in armored mail,
or virgins to stay hidden.
Can’t be war; I see no blood;
where then is the glory?
I will kill and I will love,
as I claim my territory.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A phase in my life...

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Ugonna Wachuku    


Nothing else but you moves
my soul through life and
clouds of beauty and joy.


When the story of my life
is told, let your hand of
the spirit remember my
yearning soul.


Let your song of the spirit
build torches of hope and
kindness to light the path
which others like me will


Let your beauty and love
awaken hidden gifts and
treasures in my life.   


And when all the sheaves
are brought in, let humanity
know that the greatest gift
you gave me was, is and will
ever be the awakening of my
deepest soul for the march
through heaven's gate. All
the way to calvary, you
awakened eternity for my


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