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Track #1: California

Verse 1:
I’m ready to bury my secrets

If only for a chance on you.

This California weather

Has me falling for you.



Beaches in the winter,

Christmas in two mountains,

Snow on the mountains,

I want to kiss you tonight.


Verse 2:

Take my love,

Hold me tonight,

It’s not just the California weather

That has me falling for you.



It’s everything about you

That has me falling for you.

Yeah, it’s true love.

But, you got me singing

These songs of love to you.



When the time comes,

I’ll find you.

Did you go faraway

Because you did not like me anymore?

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long

To realize it’s more than

The California weather


That has me loving you. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

California weather symbolizes loving all sides to your significant other. Another "love" song that I started writing over a month ago but just finished today.

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California Weather

The good beach going weather with blue skies and a calming breeze. If you could only bottle it. - slc