Fog on a Mirror

I wasn't ready for the things that I learned,
of the breaking of hearts or how the world turns.
I quench all the fires with whiskey that burns
cause in your November arms I will never find warmth.

You weren't ready for a love that was true,
You were born for the sun, and my heart is the moon.
Colors surround you, I can just sing the blues.
My winter-born heart always plays out of tune.

Now I'm older and wiser, I can see crystal clear,
That I fell for your love, like you fell for my fear.
There's something we're lacking, like fog on a mirror,
Our messages written, soon disappear.

But life has it's way with every person I've met,
Like insects surrounded by a young child's net.
And I am imperfect, on this you can bet,
I only drink to remember, just how to forget.


I'm full to the brim, with that lonely again.
Whiskey genie trades wishes for all of my sins.
I've all but forgotten where I set the mark,
And I only will seek you out after the dark.

The rot of the city, still stinging my nose.
Sow seeds in the gutter to see what it grows.
Worry plucks branches from family trees,
We bless all the infants and throw them to sea.

Lonesome takes root in my ivory bones,
my heart-deals are calling in all of their loans.
How great the depression is weighing on me,
They're selling my penance, salvation's not free.

To get by, I put up with worry and strife,
evicted heart's fire, and slept with his wife.
Her secrets she told me, I'll take to my grave,
That some of us truly aren't meant to be saved.

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Diamond Smile, Smokey Eyes.

You'll find me out where the smoke's most thick.
Holy middle man, turning broken faith's new tricks.
Occupy the room between stumble and fall,
Ears trained to pick up the siren's last call.

Spoiled lover's plans, I give the devil his due.
Drunken waltz through all the gardens where my dreams once grew.
Threw my chips in with Old Seven and his wicked brew.
I've been kissing on them bottles, when I should be kissing you.

Lay my cards out on the table, always two up my sleeve.
Pull broken diamonds from your smile as I take my leave.
Trade pretty words at empty promise's door,
then tip the waitress and hope to god she's a whore.

There's a cat out at the graveyard and he's digging for me,
Lay my bones out, buried treasure, in a dirt-filled sea.
His cracked tooth smile as he says with a wink,
"Most people feel like floating when they trying to sink."

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So Hellbent about you

I glanced at the sky,
searching for something.
Look away, I tried,
But I knew something was missing.

That shade of blue,
There was something nice about it.
That certain hue,
There was something painful about it.

I stared,
not knowing.
evening out my laboured breathing.

Something hot and wet slid down my cheek,
I unconsciously bit my bottom lip.
Those astray clouds seemed like pieces unfit,
And suddenly, everything just seemed so bleak.

That wasn't a tear.
No, it wasn't.
I held no fear.
No, I didn't.

It was something else,
That I knew.
When I stare at the sky,
It painfully reminds me of you.

The truth is,
I'm not over you.
But honestly,
I never did understood why I was so hellbent about you.

By: RaiLiet_lurvs_BL

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As always, this poem is for anyone and everyone who can relate to the poem. :).

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Who is she

The glare blinds her,
Shining off the mirror,
As she peers in,
Watching the figure,
A person she doesn't know,
A girl who can't,
Cant be skinny enough,
Can't be smart enough,
A person who doesn't fit their expectations,
Their rules,
Must be fast,
She's slow,
Must be funny,
Can't take a joke,
Must be "popular"
Would rather be alone,
Who is that person?
She is the shadow on a sunny day,
The wind brushing past you,
A ghost who hides,
The many whispers,
That pierce the heart,
The tears hidden by rain,
But she sees a smiling girl,
In front of her,
A confident girl,
Someone who looks beautiful,
In a dress that is complementing,
Her eyes sparkle,
And behind her the door that will lead her to the love of her life,
She takes her flowers faces the door,
And whispers,
That girl is me.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was bored and thought about the future and what thoughts I may have.

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My Eyes

Blindly walking forward
Into unknown territory
I sense another
Prescence beside me.

I turn in circles
As I try to see
Through the inpenatrable darkness
Yet my eyes provide me
With nothing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

People should try to see without their eyes...

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Half Asleep

Drifting between worlds
Of blurry terrors
And a confusing reality,
A feeling of alertness
Takes over and
Keeps the nightmares
At bay.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I feel like this on special occasions.

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angry walls

the other side of the wall
Fuck it
so cold and kniving'
you cant stand going up
and back down
just to go up again
and im much too stubborn
you wont bring what i need
like you dont have enough energy?
is that extra object weighing you down?
was it me you were waiting for?
waiting to be waited on?
whispers float from slams in cuboard doors
angry shuffles bounce from ceiling to floor
fake tones hide venom dripping and ready to fall
and it sucks on the other side of this wall
but then you poke a brick through
my panic wasted
i should have known
you diddnt do it in purpose
but anger is a definate feeling
it takes control
tensing muscles
flaring nostrils
i must succumb
but there is a voice
a voice like yours
it quietley whispers words of reason
to them i pay no attention
as i stare at my angry hurt wall
that blocks me from seeing the truth
bandaids where missing bricks should be
you pop another brick through
i feel like an ass
your eyes
your humor
stare as your strength
your hands
push yet another brick
first against my will
but voluntary now
i press my palms to that angry wall
and SHOVE PUSH LUNGE! with all my mind
things are fine now
as they always are
the wall is rubble
i should have known
you diddnt do it on purpose
i should have known
you diddnt mean it
and you should know i diddnt mean it
we should have known
it was an accident
and love is never perfect

Author's Notes/Comments: 

im starting to experiment with non rhyming poems

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Edward Iacona

Feeling again that you’ve found “the one”
It is difficult to try and assert
That you or yours can love and trust
As if you’ve never been hurt.

There may be a tall wall made of fears.
And all the symptoms of Excuse-itis,
Mixed in with memories which may have
More pains than osteoarthritis.

So, when those special feelings rise again
And you’re scared and in search for doubt
Here’s a mathematical metaphor that
Might help you to sort things out.

It’s a very simple theory
That’s not too hard to follow
Although I know the end result
May be a little hard to swallow.

Suppose you want to travel,
From a point A to a point B.
This can be any given length,
Or, perhaps even emotionally.

Now, begin your journey,
And then stop in the middle
Then start and stop halfway again.
Keep repeating the key to this riddle.

Start and stop at every half point
And, no matter how long you strive
Because of the constant division;
To your goal you will never arrive.

Now it’s time for your crucial test
To mentally measure the joy life brings.
Think of all the new smiles there are now
In those old romantic and cliché things.

You see, in our imperfect world
Too many decimal places are just fluff.
Don’t believe you’re THERE and in love?
Well, then you’re darn well close enough.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes life circumstances can make one feel in denial of loving someone but if you open your eyes you will find that you are THERE. Yana is the inspiration.

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