angry walls

the other side of the wall
Fuck it
so cold and kniving'
you cant stand going up
and back down
just to go up again
and im much too stubborn
you wont bring what i need
like you dont have enough energy?
is that extra object weighing you down?
was it me you were waiting for?
waiting to be waited on?
whispers float from slams in cuboard doors
angry shuffles bounce from ceiling to floor
fake tones hide venom dripping and ready to fall
and it sucks on the other side of this wall
but then you poke a brick through
my panic wasted
i should have known
you diddnt do it in purpose
but anger is a definate feeling
it takes control
tensing muscles
flaring nostrils
i must succumb
but there is a voice
a voice like yours
it quietley whispers words of reason
to them i pay no attention
as i stare at my angry hurt wall
that blocks me from seeing the truth
bandaids where missing bricks should be
you pop another brick through
i feel like an ass
your eyes
your humor
stare as your strength
your hands
push yet another brick
first against my will
but voluntary now
i press my palms to that angry wall
and SHOVE PUSH LUNGE! with all my mind
things are fine now
as they always are
the wall is rubble
i should have known
you diddnt do it on purpose
i should have known
you diddnt mean it
and you should know i diddnt mean it
we should have known
it was an accident
and love is never perfect

Author's Notes/Comments: 

im starting to experiment with non rhyming poems

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