Who is she

The glare blinds her,
Shining off the mirror,
As she peers in,
Watching the figure,
A person she doesn't know,
A girl who can't,
Cant be skinny enough,
Can't be smart enough,
A person who doesn't fit their expectations,
Their rules,
Must be fast,
She's slow,
Must be funny,
Can't take a joke,
Must be "popular"
Would rather be alone,
Who is that person?
She is the shadow on a sunny day,
The wind brushing past you,
A ghost who hides,
The many whispers,
That pierce the heart,
The tears hidden by rain,
But she sees a smiling girl,
In front of her,
A confident girl,
Someone who looks beautiful,
In a dress that is complementing,
Her eyes sparkle,
And behind her the door that will lead her to the love of her life,
She takes her flowers faces the door,
And whispers,
That girl is me.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was bored and thought about the future and what thoughts I may have.

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Dizzylemons's picture

Hey nice to read some of your

Hey nice to read some of your work. I liked the lines about not being skinny/smart enough. Maaan can I relate to that, and that's what is great about this piece. It covers so many different feelings that I can't imagine anyone I know reading it and not finding something to identify with in it.

twincities's picture

Nice job taking your

Nice job taking your insecurities and turning them around!
Flap your wings butterfly :)
Thanks for sharing

Moncies A. Franco