Unconventional Breakfast Rituals








Unconventional Breakfast Rituals


that's just so freshly

none other than


once you stood up,

morns or—

silver afternoons,

a nice mug for it..

(or some type of vessel)..

accompanied by one's favorite 90s

music lineup & something for

the ears,

(like determining unduly cast away earworms)


the last week of September
and for the months after

..could be an enjoyable sip

(farther, once more, in our roundabouts)

..could be a nice start—

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited (09.30.2022):  Added more content and more delineated tropes and shaped a more grammatical English in the mix up against one's switch between paradigms (of the vernaculars held or modified as part of one's evolving cultural history or embedded linguistic indentity).

postmodern love (formerly, "our postmodern love")








postmodern love (formerly, "our postmodern love")

loving through real love

as the plant life from the soil

they bring forth beauty

the deep forest of your heart

always seeming anthesis

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apart from this type of menagerie

apart from this type of menagerie




birds are singing songs

no one knew what they have meant

—pecking at mossed rocks

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited/reupdated on 07.25.2020


I've reedited a hashtag, i.e. "Interactional sociolinguistics", by capitalizing "Sociolinguistics" (hence, Interactional Sociolinguistics) to indicate the proper noun—correctly/properly—due to its relevance in the intended theme of the miscommunicated thoughts (both Interactional Linguistics & Interactional Socioliguistics, e.g., "conversation analysis" & "discourse analysis" that are the controversial subjects in linguistic, semantic, semiotic, & philosophic problems in social phenomena especially for the issues involving making ourselves understood in the larger context.  Thank you for reading on.