War Machines

War machines unleashed,

a world set ablaze,


Famlies drive out of their 

homes as they are blown to smithereens


communist propaganda on a daily bases,

red terror not to far away


The last stand, 

europe's final hope


Paradise lost,

Germany's rape

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fuck communism and Angela Merkel and the ((     )) world order. 

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Diving from the sky to the scorched earth;

chopped down like doves,

many our slaughtered by machine guns,


War plane's struggling to stay in orbit;

fire balls coming right at them;


the one's who touch ground,

are scared shittless;

thinking to themselves "what are we supposed to do"


enemy reinforcements homing in;

iron behemoths rolling in,


Condemened buildings,

hollowed, burnt out shells,

provide cover


the surviving foreigners,

gather themselves and run


Taking their positions in the

unstable habitations 


They stay in fight;

returning fire to their enemies


With little hope of making it out



Time is not on their side




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Desert Foxes

Panzer division coming through,

desert warfare,

knowhere to hide;

Rommels orders,

impenetrable armor,

unstoppabble force;

die british scum!!!


Heavy Shells in unison;

flee like rabbits!!!;

spoils of war for us,

our hard earned resources,


Empires might,

reach of the reich,

Rommel's Wehrmacht


Bleeding of the desert;

land of the dust;

and make your lawrence of Arabia

cower to us!!!!


Defeat of your global empire;

cuttng off the head of your snake;

black sun rising; our hidden fire returning,

no more world's burning; our thunder god's landing!!!


Fleeting desert foxes;

sand storm coming;

flee like rabbits back

where ye came from!!!


Devil Dogs!!!!!







Author's Notes/Comments: 



 the hydra or the real empire is the globalized system; the so called "allied" powers.

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The Story Behind it All

The Story Behind it All



The man looked at the sky, glimpses of light suddenly lit it up. The sound of dying men filled up the air as Nick passed on by. It was dark and Nick could not see what he was stumbling upon, yet he was determined to finish his work. He saw a woman crying with her child in hands, lifeless.

“HELP ME PLEASE, MY SON! MY SON!” called out the woman.

“Sorry ma’am, there is nothing I can do for you” replayed nick as he continued to walk.


Westminster Abbey read the sign in the wall of what used to be the capital’s Church. He could se Parliament Square Garden in the distance, he was only 6 minutes away from destination. He took the gun from a dead soldier in the street, and started to run.

“This has to be it,” he said to himself. “This ends tonight.”

A sudden flash blinded him and big roar filled his ears, he stumbled down with the big shockwave he felt in his left side. He lay down still in the floor and regained consciousness. He got up. There used to be a house to his left side, now there was only a hole in the ground.


His uniform was filled with blood, dust and mud. He had been fighting for 4 years now and had never known, but tonight, tonight it all ends. “The world will finally know” he mumbled. “We will be free from war and his wishes will be met.” He started to run he was 4 minutes away from destination. He had to take a right then a left. Bombes dropped around him the sound was filled with pain and suffering, if he succeded all of this would end, but who would bring order to the world? This was not his to think he just had to complete his mission, the one that would change the course of the world.

“Stop right there!” yelled a guard.

Nick started to run, his heart was beating fast, he could not fail.

“Oy! Stop mate!”

“You would never understand!”

Snap! Snap! Snap!

The soldier fell to the floor and nick continued to run. He had to be fast, he had now wasted 3 round on that soldier and the noise would attract others.

He took the left then the right and was met with no resistance.


            Finally he was there the war rooms, he opened the door and started to descend, he would find it here, his mission, his life would end but so would the world suffering, this war would come to an end.

He shot twice and two guards fell on the floor. The door labeled “Conference Room” stood still.


Nick opened the door, and to his surprise there it was, his mission.

Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin.......... and Hitler.


Churchill fell.


Roosevelt fell.


Stalin and Hitler fell to the floor.

Nick’s mission was done.


Nick fell to the floor, as Eisenhower, Rommel, Zhukov and Montgomery walked in.....

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Uncivil War

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Masses massacred.
Was there ever a Civil War?
Are all wars
barbaric, uncivil?
Many would argue
that wars to free slaves, the war
to fight Hitler, wars to be freed
of colonial invasion, the battle of
Kurukshetra (the battle of the Bhagavad
Gita) are necessary
despite the mass slaughter of
civilians, soldiers, animals,
forests. Whatever ones opinion,
the leaders of great religions
such as Buddha, Jesus, Krishna
teach universal nonviolence.




My great grandfather fought for the Union Army in the Civil War...

My grandfather caught malaria from the invasion of Cuba in the Spanish American War

His death left his children without a father.

One of my uncles had a brain operation, a consequence of being in WW2..  Another was in the D Day  invasion.

My father from a forced Japanese encephalitis 'vaccine' shot given to soldiers in Asia

contracted a 107 degree temperature and died from Parkinson's Disease.

My husband for many years had pain from the shrapnel in his leg while in the Korean War.

3 of my brothers in law,  several cousins and a nephew served in the military.

2 friends died of Agent Orange effects.   One has still after 120 days not gotten help

from the Veterans' Administration in bathing her husband... he is unable to walk from Agent Orange. 


-saiom shriver-

If any question why we died, tell them, because our fathers lied.


Rudyard Kipling  wrote these lines after his son whom he had pushed

into war..... died


(My father never lied to me. But many fathers have forced their sons into the military.)



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Tinsel & Beer

Tinsel is caught in the breeze from the door
Without choice he is back on sword beach
A Christmas decoration becomes barbed wire
He has a drink from his pint
But only feels the dry throat
He had that terrible day
Beers tastes like Metallic blood 
Party revellers voices
Become a dull nonsensical mush
Flickering fairy lights
Are now raking deathly shards
From a German MG 34
Nobody notices him shake
A slap on the back
Like his corporal did back then
“Happy Christmas Tommy.”
“I don’t want to move”
“Please don’t let me die”
Beer spills down his leg
The bar door opens wide
Those same blue eyes
Meet his green eyes
Comrades together again
A smile cracks Tommy face
Its only Tinsel after all.

© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A D day vetran tries to celebarate Christmas.

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Last Stand

Awakening to whistles piercing walls
Seeing women running by 
Watching little men cry
I began to question "where am I?"
Thundering roars threw me
Metal dropping down like rain
The people writhing in pain
Should I lie down 
The crushing noise of the vehicles engine
Many people lying in its path
I could feel the behemoth wrath
I wondered if I was next
I saw my helmeted brother
The color on his chest
He had decided to take a rest
I knew he would see me soon
Life of oppression is promised
This is my last stand 
Alone with my brothers we take deaths hand
For death is the solace of freedom 
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Hidden Beauty Of War

I talk to you , you don't talk back
It's 12:15 and were about to attack
Hidden beneath this war we see beauty
But yet we are in our countries call of duty
It may be hidden but it's certainly there
A cat a dog a bird or a hare
But why can't we see that it is around
covered over by blood , a rifle shot sound
The feeling of pain and the feeling of scare
The loved ones we miss , that we wish we had there
Then all of a sudden a shot is hit
I quickly look up and into the sky
My life is now over in the blink of a eye.

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