What a beautiful one world!
Like a silvery shadow falling through the tiny light
Like a smart slim smile aweing from face of the night
A beautiful eyes blinking like christmas strobes
From smooth face that expresses like violetrobe

I see a winkling eyes enchant my wilt
When the night ducks like cliffing beach writ
As the scarlet mountain crest the hooking valley
Then the motivated heart sets like spacious barley

I can't doubt your wailing wound
That encoils my gracious hound
There's movate ray that suits my buddy
That settling out through your bountiful day

I can feel a barbados's smell from your nostril
Through the biunty dam of my cereal's reel
Your simple step widens my sunny sand
From that tiny space comes through your heartsted

You are the Diana only one living
In the heart of world's dudes,staying
All monday of the weeks
From the wick of my weak
To that wake through ache

Author's Notes/Comments: 

True love cares for all seasons while deceits care only for a ripe one

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