The Angelic Nymph

She ponders about angels and demons
How they've lived all these ages
And the reasons for all evils

In the forest she sings about simple things
Spellbound by the tidal waves of autumn leaves
Like the chain of thoughts in her head

A draft runs through her hair
Whispering words of wisdom
Lightly touching her hips
He tells her she is fair
Even nature loves this girl
Inside she feels she doesn't care

The moonlight caresses her skin
And moves to her pale pink lips
Tears fall as the lies slip
Her hands so delicate
She fears love with a heavy one

Solitude is her golden sin
She shelters herself 
With the wings of an angel 
Memories undress her
As she slowly dozes off

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Scribble naughts and.... * Theories


It was not a choice place of meeting but serendipity had other ideas. How she laughed at me, her toy her play thing, a human study in a petree dish. Human. I laughed at the thought that I had considered myself half absentmindedly as part of something that is so foreign in nature to my own state of being.


The petals of life seem to fall haphazardly as the wind that blows decides to take them. And the wind is a temperamental creature. I understood the air, it was closer to my existence than any other moving thing. as thin or as weighted as the conditions allowed. Of substance one moment, of nothing the next, pushing vapours and gasses where they could go. It was understood because it moved as it could and it has always been so. The wind rather like my own life force seemed to be able to nudge, push or shove its way into the crevices of unusual quarters.  I have never till recently have been invaded by way of another through my own mechanisms. This was puzzling, a confusion and an a realisation of my imposition as I studied my own. What was it this 'thing!?' with such power to take me from my own purpose?


This was an exercise in futility dragged through an alien landscape, led by compulsion spurred on by the held hand of chilike curiosity. why had she turned left instead of right? she had no calling to go. It was the flicker of him that ghosted her interest. a haunting fascination held in flickers of surreal memories half had, half dreamed.


 I did not know where the line, clearly blurred now started and ended. Had i crossed it? was I still crossing it? Serendipity laid tricks like it was her main core of business. Cunfuzzled fools in the making. I had joined the ranks of the impressionable.  why was her shoe stuck in a crevice four yards back and why was the rain so cruel? Did it have to hitch a ride with my elemental companion force? More dread. A drowned rat making a resigned trudge through the torrent of cold abysmal lashings.


Damn this shadow chasing, damn this coup! damn serendipity and my hostaged fascination! I could not wait to reject this fool, johnnycake come lately and his whiz tricks and spritely friends of fate. I had my own allies, and in that moment of resolution felt my eyes in tandem with my smile brightened... why had I not thought of this before? More wizardry? i turned abruptly. I will go the other way! She had thought it best but instantly became bested by the dark figure she ran smack bang into.


sweetness and hell all in one instant as she smelt a warm musky scent now in tandem with the sharp sting of pain shooting through the cartelge of her nose snapping back against a hard chest... She fell to the floor, a tangled mess muttering... 


Disfigureing fool, infirm of purpose! I am cursed by this wretched enigmatism! Will this 'thing!?' Not let me go? I catch sight of my happenstance assailant and one slash of recognition my anger fell to the floor as shock formed its bubble around me. 


"Watch where you park that thing!" 


Bubble bursted! vapour droplets of shame prickled as they fell onto my skin. A rawness of emotion took over.


Well I... I- suddenly Interrupted by a choking rage. I did not count on anger being such the rubbery force it could be. it had flung its self as far back as was optimal and was apparently on its way back!







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tbc... Draft.. still working on it.... 15 

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My Sun Setting Secret

My Sun Setting Secret

In a land inhabited by ponies
Lived two sisters who rules side by side
Now children I am no phony
When you hear their thoughts on the inside

One sister, who rose the sun
Was the elder of the two
Admiration of others she had won
Loved by most feared by few

The younger controlled the moon
Didn't feel the same love
An awful spirit would control her soon
a presence of hate from above

But Luna, the pony of the night
noticed all the ponies who shun the moon
She tried to ignore, with all her might
The envy of the time of noon

Celestia, the pony of day
Realized that she wanted more
She didn't want her sister to stay
Luna's presence made her heart sore

On one lonely day
Celestia made a vow
Her sister had to go away
One question remained. How?

Try With all her might
Of hate and despair
A dark presence in clear sight
Gave Luna an evil stare

Consumed by the darkness
Made by her sister
Fuel by loneliness
Put the land in danger

To the rescue came the princess
Of the sun to save the day
From one who did not possess
Hatred in any way

Banished to the stars
For a thousand years time
Locked behind invisible bars
Betrayal in this tale of mine

Luna without a home
Celestia became very fond
That they both were all alone
Loves broken bond

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem about Luna and Celestia. What if the story we knew about Luna and Celestia wasn't true? What if the evil spirit that consumed Luna's heart was summoned by Celestia out of envy?

True to Me

Just For Fun

Walking on a dream
A bridge from reality
An escape from normality
That’s where I want to be

Sleeping on a moon beam
No-one else is just like me
The only way I can be free
Is to escape from my humanity

Feelings in a ream
Confused but sure actually
Life is unreality
Because I’m true to me

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Fog on a Mirror

I wasn't ready for the things that I learned,
of the breaking of hearts or how the world turns.
I quench all the fires with whiskey that burns
cause in your November arms I will never find warmth.

You weren't ready for a love that was true,
You were born for the sun, and my heart is the moon.
Colors surround you, I can just sing the blues.
My winter-born heart always plays out of tune.

Now I'm older and wiser, I can see crystal clear,
That I fell for your love, like you fell for my fear.
There's something we're lacking, like fog on a mirror,
Our messages written, soon disappear.

But life has it's way with every person I've met,
Like insects surrounded by a young child's net.
And I am imperfect, on this you can bet,
I only drink to remember, just how to forget.


It's not my place to tell the stars
their order's out of line.
Nor, tell them which direction
I think they ought to shine.

It's not for me to scorn the moon,
when she hides herself away.
Nor, direct her to the water
and tell her how to sway.

The sun of course, can't hear me say,
that every morning, every ray,
his light's too bright and scares away,
my shadow buddies, kept at bay.

My voice can't carry all that far,
to travel space and time to stars.
My voice of course, it knows it's part,
to whisper to your heart.

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Above the waters
of the cresting fjord
under cradled moon
and suckled stars.

Lo' forth the mid-morning mist,
of ice twice struck upon the throat.

The night strikes;
an optical mirage
mounted upon the mirror
that takes forth
from vastness of god

to be left upon
the stallions of light
that transgress the folds
that pedestals planets
and en-wraps upon stars.

That shine in death
upon this word
and split forth
the mind of man.

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Music of the Night

Love and Romance

Here, on this side of the valley, the night
spreads her jeweled dress upon the ancient
lake beneath the Autumn moon.

I can hear the lapping of the waves upon
the grassy banks, while Zephyr dances
on the diamond-crested billows, and crickets

chirp their strange songs to the stars.

Here, on this side of the valley, the night
spreads her mystery of ages upon the lives
of men, sparkling ciphers over cloudless

sable skies, as she has wont to do since
Time first was and man and woman fell
in love beneath a bright new moon,

spell-bound, as we now are, by
breathless beauty and the music

of the night.

--(c) Copyrght Jim Valero, 2012.


What is there to relish in heaven
if the vulgarity of relationship haunts
even after retiring from earth?

The loose threads of yearning criss-cross memory
I can still feel the river’s twisted flow
Toward lower reaches, exhausted and strip teased.

The nudity of moon and stars is beyond touch
who cares I evolve or end like them
suspended from a plane I can hardly reach?