Luna's Siege







 Moonbeams in flight,           

The dark of the night,

A twinkling speckle,

And blink, I must,

I'd think it were stardust,

With the stars so close by,

If that moonbeam not bounced

To my eye from your sigh.









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My Sun Setting Secret

My Sun Setting Secret

In a land inhabited by ponies
Lived two sisters who rules side by side
Now children I am no phony
When you hear their thoughts on the inside

One sister, who rose the sun
Was the elder of the two
Admiration of others she had won
Loved by most feared by few

The younger controlled the moon
Didn't feel the same love
An awful spirit would control her soon
a presence of hate from above

But Luna, the pony of the night
noticed all the ponies who shun the moon
She tried to ignore, with all her might
The envy of the time of noon

Celestia, the pony of day
Realized that she wanted more
She didn't want her sister to stay
Luna's presence made her heart sore

On one lonely day
Celestia made a vow
Her sister had to go away
One question remained. How?

Try With all her might
Of hate and despair
A dark presence in clear sight
Gave Luna an evil stare

Consumed by the darkness
Made by her sister
Fuel by loneliness
Put the land in danger

To the rescue came the princess
Of the sun to save the day
From one who did not possess
Hatred in any way

Banished to the stars
For a thousand years time
Locked behind invisible bars
Betrayal in this tale of mine

Luna without a home
Celestia became very fond
That they both were all alone
Loves broken bond

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem about Luna and Celestia. What if the story we knew about Luna and Celestia wasn't true? What if the evil spirit that consumed Luna's heart was summoned by Celestia out of envy?

Little Princess

Being me is never rough
because my life never gets tough
when I’m at my mommy’s place
which is where I live, play,
and get fed high quality food
that nourishes me and enhances my playful mood;
my mommy loves to spoil me
and absolutely adores how cuddly
my orange fur feels when I rub against her face –
she also has this laser light that I love to chase
around, it’s my favorite game
although it is almost always the same:
I run around and climb upon
the walls – this doesn’t take long
because I am still quite young:
I love to sleep, run around, and have fun
while my mommy works her nine to five,
I live a relaxed and lazy life
where I lounge around and wait
for her to come home (this wait is what I hate)
because I love her so much
that I immediately purr at her touch;
when she gets home, she lays down
and I lay beside her without making a sound
other than my loud, vibrating purr,
which I am quite sure
makes her feel loved, just like when I attack
her feet – I am the perfect little kitty cat:
Now is the time where I take the final step
and introduce myself… I am Miss Luna Depp.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written in the eyes of my kitty!

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