Love Me Lillian

Love me - not for my looks
Love me - not for my wealth
Love me for being
For seeing
For sharing
For caring

Love me to ease my pain
Love me for the laughter we share again
Love me for the memories of the past
Love me for our tenderness, hold me fast
For unspoken spirit that binds
For knowledge partaken of all kinds

Love each touch
Love me for my eyes open and closed
Wrong decision

Love me for my uncertainty
My worry
Impatience always in a hurry

Love me
For looking at the moon
Massage tender, kiss and swoon
Love me, for our trip on earth did end too soon

Each seek the attainable forever-changing dream
As we grow older, knowing things are never
Ever what they seem

Love me for the sleep of sleeps
Eternal that we share
Love me for my love for you
Precious always, some to spare

Love me for each beginning, wonder
Must it end?
Love me; I am what I am
Forever live, eternal friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my deceased wife.

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Let Go


You were born to lose

As you sit upon your dead throne

Decay in your bones

This, the life you choose


You’re cursed

With your own disease

Eating yourself away

Die again every day


Can’t you let go (Never)

Let Go (Never)

Let Go (Never)

Never let go


Give up the fight

You’re dead inside

Can’t keep yourself alive

Do what is finally right


Let Him in

He stands and knocks

At your ruined gates

It’s not too late


Let go, He’ll catch you

Let go, He holds you now

Let go, He picks you up

Let go, you’ve had enough


Let go and take the jump

Fall into His arms

Rest secure from your fears

Because He’ll

Never (Never)

Let Go (Let Go)

Never (Never)

Never let go


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Radiant Dawn

Darkness illuminates a hopeless heart
Deepens burdens that come on nightly visit
Dreaming is but meager rescue
Chased by shadows within an archaic masquerade
Should the nights vex fools forever so


She felt a touch while he was running
Aglow the sky where daggers tend to fly
Pierce the flesh of those just walking by
A question needs an answer, why
When she starts meaning her goodbye
He winds down to turn and sigh
Wonders if their love will really win
Yet all the curtains are closing in


I’ve felt the fire, I’ve drowned within the rain
I lay, despite the pain, loving her in utter vain
She’s a soaring bird, no wind to tame her
Roam whichever way desires, beauty


while Love,
Everlastingly will ember,
Within my dormant heart .


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Tears of Pain

Tears Of Pain

Tears that I can't explain.
Tears that drive me insane.
Tears that burn my cheeks.
Tears that makes me weak.
I don't know how to express my feelings,
Or the truth about their true meaning.
Tears of pain.
Each tear has its own tale.
With each tear that I cry I feel as though I have failed.
Failed in life with the things that I can not change.
I know I shouldn't be here and to me this is all strange.
Tears of pain that falls from my face.
Unbearable memories of love and hurt that I can't erase.
Hurt that I caused to the ones I love.
Precious memories of how my sisters used to run to me to give me kisses and hugs.
Tears of pain that causes my heart to feel so down and low.
Tears of pain that I can't ever let go,
as each one falls to my pillow.
I could see the pain in their eyes.
I remember how no one wanted to compremise.
I remember how I felt when I couldn't help them no matter how much they begged and plead.
The way I felt as I heard myself scream deep inside of me.
Watching them drive away with my two little sisters locked inside while the desperately and franticly tried to get out, then turned around,
crying and trying to reach through the back window with tears of pain streaming down.
Tears of pain.
Tears that no one can wipe away.
Tears that grow in its pain each and every day.
These fears I have of starting a new family.
Fears that prevent me from becoming the person who I want to be.
Tears of pain.
So much love I have inside,
but I have so much hurt that I try to hide.
Tears of pain that makes me keep my distance.
Tears of pain that flow because I can no longer resist it.
Tears of pain I'll never let go.
Tears of pain that kills my soul.

By: Twylla Medina

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Sunrise glints across the water
I stand watching my family
Have fun with me the bystander
Just standing as the wannabe

Lush water wafting up to my ankles
Shading darker as deeper
Splashes get to me and trickle
Down my spine invoking shiver

I'm not alone as I sit
Not brave enough for hydrotherapy
On the menacing beach a hypocrit
Since I spoke before ability to see

Carnal footsteps follow me
On the walk back a wimp
With my earnest cold family
Trudging to our inocculate camp

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this, and two other poems while in lake tahoe in July of 2011. The other two i wrote are better. If you enjoyed this, please read my others.

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