# grief

Love Me Lillian

Love me - not for my looks
Love me - not for my wealth
Love me for being
For seeing
For sharing
For caring

Love me to ease my pain
Love me for the laughter we share again
Love me for the memories of the past
Love me for our tenderness, hold me fast
For unspoken spirit that binds
For knowledge partaken of all kinds

Love each touch
Love me for my eyes open and closed
Wrong decision

Love me for my uncertainty
My worry
Impatience always in a hurry

Love me
For looking at the moon
Massage tender, kiss and swoon
Love me, for our trip on earth did end too soon

Each seek the attainable forever-changing dream
As we grow older, knowing things are never
Ever what they seem

Love me for the sleep of sleeps
Eternal that we share
Love me for my love for you
Precious always, some to spare

Love me for each beginning, wonder
Must it end?
Love me; I am what I am
Forever live, eternal friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my deceased wife.

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"When you've seen one".....Ronald Regan, 1966



  "When you've seen one".....Ronald Regan, 1966


I could not find you in the river

you were downstream

holding up the sides of the falling mountain.

Waiting for waterfalls,

you missed me in the undertow.


Time is a villain

ticking out destruction

for our crying children,

burnt-out childhood ghosts

dancing to pleasure's flute

inside collapsing veins


they can't feel the dying


and you still can't find the code...

it was lost out there


years ago

at the levy...

With the good old boys, 

you stepped thru the looking glass

falling backwards

blinded to children

pied-pipered away

inside the closing mountain.



In the museums

I peer thru the glass cages

of endangered species

I search among the dinosaurs

and redwood trees

til I find the exhibit

with a sign

that reads 


 these are the last of our children

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