The Road to Essertines [Book Collection]

The Road to Essertines 


The Road to Essertines


Ugonna Wachuku 


(c) April 1997











The Harvest I   



The Harvest II   





















Lonely Eagle   



Brooks to You   






Distant Streams   



When Dawn Comes   



River Bird   



The Moon Never Departs   



When the Birds Sing   



The road   









She will Be   



This Earth in You   



For the Beginning   



I Remember Who You Are   



Winter in your Heart   



Masterpiece II   



Back Again   



Beckon Eagles   



Moon Angel   









The Author   


To her who became an

enigmatic muse on

The road to Essertines-

Catherine Ramu!      





On the road to Essertines, there is no short cut.

The experience is a long, whole, breathless, 

charming encounter with nature.


Yearning to be at one with enchanting country-sides of poetic

Confederation Helvetia, I set out for Essertines a small village

in the Dardagny Commune of Switzerland's Canton of Geneva.


Above of all, I went in search of her. And discovered that I

have been charmed to entrancement by the nature of her


On this stupendous road to Esertines, she became an enigma

and subsequently bloomed into a Muse. The reality of this

Muse dawned on me when I discovered that within the depths

of my creative being, new forms of poetic expression were

taking shape and breathing.   


In days, weeks and months that followed - between April,

1996 and February, 1997, poems in this collection were

written by me in response to the awesome creative inspiration

this enigmatic Essertines Muse brought my humble way.  


For how long she will remain this Muse, I cannot tell. But

indeed, I have dedicated this collection to her as a soulful,

monumental tribute to all women and men of inspiration and

goodwill; who will, against all odds, continue to love, to

care, to cherish and to conquer evil and fatal forces that

wish to stiffle our humaneness as humankind bound in dignified 

earthhood, peace and loving oneness.  


Today, it is a beautiful March afternoon. The sun is brilliant

and warm. From the large window of my home library and study,

I can see Geneva's magnificent country-side greening into

splendid spring near the river Rhone. So, I will be so

grateful if you join me as I step-out for an inspired walk

on the road to Essertines!  


Ugonna Wachuku

Loex village,

Bernex Commune,

Geneva, Switzerland 

Thursday 13 March 1997    




The Harvest I   


On the temple's threshold,

I await your home-coming. 


I do not wait alone.

The eagle waits too. 


Then, at the distance,

the farmer begins to

gather the harvest for

you and for nature.

The sower begins to

soe the seed from the

land in your heart.   


The land is fertile.

Your land is green.

The rain begins to



The land kisses her.

The rain kisses the

land and the eagle

smiles across those

green fields luring.   


The sower sows more



The rain increases in

intensity while beneath

the sheltering tree you

sit in calm contemplation.   


Then you drink from

the rain as the farmer

gathers the harvest in

the healing, fertile

rain of your land.   


In your eyes, the new

harvest is seen.

New seeds begin to





The Harvest II   


The Path:  


I came to see you


I was at the farm.  





I wasn't there.

Anyway, if you came, that was

fine of you. And whatwas your



The Path:    


I came for the harvest.

These days, one never

knows when the clouds

will gather.    



[Somewhat suprised]  


The harvest! Who told you

there's a harvest?  


The Path:    


I am the path! 



Aha! The Path! The Path

to what? To where? 


The Path:   


Yesterday, remember you were

the road. The road flows to

your river inthe heart of

Essertines. But then, I am

the Path to this harvest!   





You're kidding me!

Who told you to believe



The Path:   


I don't need any old time

prophet to tell me that.

It's real. And don't you

forget: I am still the Path!  



[Shrugs again. Stares] 


Hmmnnmm! Talk about being

real. What do you know about

the harvest anyway?  


The Path:   


I was with you at the

beginning. I saw you

sitting under the tree

in the rain. The farmer

was there. The sower.

And the eagle too. I was

with you at your childhood

streams and waterfalls of

yeaterday and today - at the

spring - if you understand.   




I could. But then, I honestly

want to  know what you would say

about this harvest. I saw your

noble rainbow when the clouds

gatther. You think I didn't? 


The Path:    


Ah! There you are!!

But I have already told

you about the farm. What

else do you want to hear?




Your heartbeat! 


The Path:


The Path never beats.

It trails. For the heartbeat,

I suggest you meet your friend-





Okay! Then, what do

you trail? 


The Path:    





[Shaken. Exclaims]  


Meeee! The Path 

trails little me!  


The Path:  


Well ... 




That's all you'll

say? - "well ..."

Why me?

Tell me.

You seem to be an

interesting character.  


The Path:   


I have played so many

parts in my life-span

and time. You could be right.  




Then, what about the


What about trailing me?  


The Path:  


I will tell you tomorrow

when we meet at the river.  




The river! Where would

that be: The river?


The Path: 


Listen, Catherine, the

eagles call now. I've

got to go. We'll see at

the river.  




Hey you! Wait a second! 



But The Path was gone.

Leaves in the wind

followed The Path

while at the distance,

village drummers and

dancers waited for the

harvest ceremony at a

river of life and love

yet unknown to her.   




From my book collection: The Road to Essertines

 ~ Critiques/Comments ~

Amy Riberdy

Mona Omar
wow ugonna the road to essertines is lovely but the path was gone
leaves in the wind followed the path  river of life and love yet
unknown to her ?! wow its beautiful

Charisma *T.A.* Makatita-Poortman
I am truly impressed by your talent. Thank you for sharing your
wonderful thoughts.  Charisma ~*TMP*~


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Tears of Yesterday [Book Collection]

Tears of Yesterday 



Ugonna Wachuku




(c) 1996: Ugonna Wachuku 











Part One:


Yesterday's Tears 


River Road 


Flower Landscapes 




Urs Haberli 


Green Earth 


Misty Clouds 






I Found Love 


The Farmer 


Part Two: 




First Meeting 


Distant Shores 


What does it Take? 


The Journey 


To the Ridges 






New Day 


Love me Again 




The Stream 


Part Three:


Streams of Love 


Calming the Storm 


Ako na Uche 


A heart 




Lonely Soul 


Like a River 


Living in the Shadows 


When Love Calls 


In your Eyes 


Nobody Loves Me  






The Author 






To all humankind who have ever

dared to love and care for those

of us living in the shadows in

this beautiful but hurting world!


Together, lets make this God-given

splendid earth a better home for

all humanity, our fellow earthly

animals, plants and environment

and our progenies!




"And now abideth faith,

hope, love; these three;

but the greatest of these

is love."


~1 Corinthians 13:13


These thirty-five poems represent a deeper part of me

which has found meaning to live and to love. They are

poems that derive great strength and inspiration from

the beauty of nature and from the humaneness of the

loving people I have come across at this period of

my life.


With these poems, I yearn to define humanity. I yearn,

indeed, to present some uplifting meaning to the caring

nature of the love I have always desired amongst humankind;

including my heart-felt longing to see mankind's complete

willingness to cherish and protect our earthly environment

for our survival and that of coming generations because in

loving one another, we must be courageously prepared to

protect, sustain and care for our natural environment

globally. This is an urgent task all women and men of

love and goodwill must engage in.


These are poems for the brotherhood and oneness of humanity.

They are poems for the realization of our oneness as dignified

human beings created in the image of God Almighty!

Herein, I have paid monumental tributes to all humankind

who have ever dared to love; even to the point of not being

loved in return - to the reality of being spited and asked

to turn the other cheek.


This is a special call to all of you out there who have never

dared to love to take up the pleasure and burden of love.

Arise!: Be a soulful part of this great movement seeking to

heal and make much more peaceful and loving our troubled and

tearfully hurting earth. This is a loving call of the eagle.


Ugonna Wachuku

March, 1996

Geneva: Switzerland




Part One:


On these far lands,

I see love.

I see despair.

Today's road is a

tearfully joyful

path to a future







Yesterday's Tears




Today, dawn breaks in

on me gradually.

I behold the glittering

sun and fading moon.

Rays follow my beaten

track. I gasp for breath

on this pathway.

A new day walks on

towards the discovered

city on sunlit abodes.

My life spreads out

like birds' wings on

the clouds.


Meaning yawns.

Hope beckons.

Like a river,

you begin watery care

of the earth's hunger

and thirst, just before

the eagle glides in from

our early morning mist.

A new city emerges from

the rubbles of this mind



Yesterdays's tears find

meaning in today's laughter.

The windy weather breathes life

into a soul so weak and dying.

In the breath of your heart,

streams water my beings

dry river banks.


A brilliance lost comes back.

The eagle in me is ready to

soar, to love and to cherish.

Today, the smile you bring

sows fertile gladness for a

heart forgotten yesterday.


Down the village path to life,

riddles and hope; on this road

to your soul, we behold a hero's

sun, stars and moving moon.

The rainbows assuring path

meets us on this new road.


My heart trails this native

nature in you. This new day

is full of dreams and hope.

This is a new day created

from soothing tears unbound.

This new day, my yearning

heart will still follow your

rainbow; your life-giving

stream-roads and sky-ways.


The caring and overwhelmingly

loving answer to

yesterday's tears!







River Road


When birds sing new

songs of hope on the

sad green earth;

when love means something

healing and uplifting

in your handsome heart;

when stars shine

at noon to herald

the name you have;

when dawn overcomes

dusk in the darkness

of fleeting life,

look for the heart

that dares;

look for this heart

that yearns to be part

of the pain from earth's

lowly people.


Go in search of the

love you can find.

Search for the meaning

to our dreams of oneness

and peace because you are

this new beginning for the

earth's green hope.


Let our hearts be together

on this voyage to the other

side of the sea's sentiment

for life.


Lead us to this life of

hope and love for the

earth's yearning poor.

Lead us to the fulfilling

and bountiful river of

found love and care -

this river road to life







Flower Landscapes


Flower landscapes fill

the beauty and refreshing

nature in your being.

Native stories are told

on the beach and you

glitter like the moon

on blue shores.


I follow these blue

shores scattered all

over the earth's bossom.

And in my being, a living

light brightens.


What other pathways and

dreams can fill my days

and hopes as we try to

find life's breath on

these welcoming,

breath-taking highlands

with flower landscapes?


The beauty you left on

the last bridge opens

a new world olf inspiration

and survival for the poor

soul in me. I find your

mothering gateway to the

end of our sorrow.


Part of this sorrow

ends with you; yet,

your blue clouds never

depart from us.


Teach me anew then.

Let me be part of this

sprouting hope and smile-

this love never giver given.


Aha! While we wait for the

beginning, let these flower

landscapes come to you.

Let them begin a treasured

song for the hopeless.


Let theses flower landscapes

come to you and to me.

Let the light come.










Windy tears trail my

path on this way to

the land.


A shrill cry jolts

my memory back to the

reality of a hurting



I see far away palm

fronds on earth's

fading beauty through

your holding heart.


Warmness never experienced

covers this vision of

a yearning in me.

This yearning lingers

on you as it winds

its weary way through

the lost land.


I walk this land slowly.

I wait to see new moons

emerge from shambles of

lost hope:


I met you in the hall.

Eyes walked to the table.

Our hands waited for dawn.

All through the day,

I waited for your

merciful meaning.

I waited for hope

in life; for your

name's caring nature. 


I waited for your love

and hope-filled smiles

on lawns so green:




Windy tears trail my

path - this path to life

and love born anew on far

away lands and longings.

I wait with hope. 


I wait with the

brilliant birds' beauty.

I honestly yearn for

your raindrops on waterways

of home and today.


Will you, indeed, trail

these tears - these

numerous despair in life?


Will your raindrops and

waterways float us into

green pastures and meadow

sea shores?








From my long-hand manuscript collection: 

Tears of Yesterday 

(c) Ugonna Wachuku 

Geneva: Switzerland: 1996 



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Be My Date

Ugonna Wachuku


Smile your smile.
Be your real self.
Dream your dream.


Do your kind thing.
If you wish, get angry.
Let-off steam. But don't
heap it on me. You can
let the pigs at Decapolis
have it. I wouldn't mind.
But wait, people could


Anyway, life goes on.
Just don't let it go on

as usual. Do something
different. Build new dreams.
Plant roses and its thorns.
Be good to somebody. There
are so many hurting souls
out there.


View sprawling landscapes.
Watch eagles and me soar.
Smell the luring earth.
Till the soil. Plant new
crops. Watch them grow.
Eat no junk food. Care
for your life and body.
Don't mind the cat story.
You aint got nine lives.


Do something different,
my dear. Listen to the
whistling pine. Hear
the waterfall draw patterns
and streams throught the
forest. Admire the dolpins. 


Cherish and uphold heaven's
love for humanity. Reach
beyond the stars. Let God's
breath lead you on. Just be
willing and available.

Climb unbending mountains and
hills. View the valley. Have
hope. Build love. Just love
those little children. Show
them the good, loving way.
Stop hatred and racism.


Build mansions of peace and
brotherhood over terrorism.
Do something different,
beautiful one. Just do
something different, humanity.


Listen to my heartbeat in
its loving rhythm. Be my love.
If you will. Just be my date,
beautiful one. Kingdom one.
Smiling faces and beating
hearts are waiting:


Just be
my date










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Ugonna Wachuku 


There's grave silence

accross the earth seen. 

Hidden hearts preach in 

cities for growth, for

social justice, for

dying humankind's

well-being globally, 

for fertile farmlands

and humane harvest. 

Inequality blooms!

Silence! You don't 



Church bells are silently

ringing at the distance.

Temple bells are also 

ringing. And Mosque 

calls mingle with these 

ringing bells alive. 

I can hear the women
and men singing. I hear 

humankind singing: 
I can hear you from
Essertines. I can hear

you from Nigeria!

I can hear you from

Mexico! I can hear

you from these United

States of America!

I am 


I am









I can hear you from
our woods. I can hear 

you from this earth!

I am uncounted



I can hear your voice
from the other village.
Yet, you are so far
away. But I am still

human unloved! 


But with the clustered
brilliance of your waving
hair, you will come in


At the warmth of the
evening sun, you will
smile in silence. I too
will watch in silence.  


Night shall come with
golden lamps to give
you hope and unforgotten
love with cherishment;
to give you the silence
of yearning hearts walking
the lush landscape of my
beckoning soul: 


That loving mutness in
sweet sad silence seen 

across our breathing 

blue earth!


There's grave silence

accross the earth seen. 

Hidden hearts preach in 

cities for growth, for

resilience, for soothing

social justice, for fresh 

farming and harvest, 

for dying humankind's

well-being, globally!

Inequality is King!

Skin colour brightly 

bars in hidden







Yet, I can hear your

handsome hate from

enchanting earth's 














Last Minefield!

Ugonna Wachuku



Another new dawn.
Hope unbound.
Early morning dews
and wet leaves
embrace me on my
glad way to the farm
on ancestral lands of
home and upliftment. 


This new day, life
is born anew in my
being. Whistling
pines and singing
birds herald my
journey to the


Through the calm,
village bush path, I
make my way carrying
my hoe, mattock and
machete for a hopeful
day at the farm.


I view welcoming palm
trees and luring palm
fruits and cocoanuts
on this refreshing new
morning. I take the next




I am thrown into the
bush - way out of the
hopeful village path
Streams of blood and
pain cloud my vision.
My legs have been blown
off by a landmine on our
village bush path to the


Pain and sorrow will be
my watchword through life.
Scars unhidden will serve
as tearful reminders of
my bloody day with that
heartless landmine. Yet,
so many are dead. And
like me cannot tell
their story. But this
new day and forever,
I'll be their voice:
The world wide web
cryer unwavering!


Yet humanity moves
ahead with this
deadly weapon on
the village bush
path. Sorrow and
pain respects no
one in the fatal
bossom of these
landmines strewn
across the earth.


Let us, now, rise
with peaceful oneness
and make this mine on
my village bush path
the last landmine.
Let us rise, this new
morning, and bid goodbye
to minefields across our
beautiful blue earth.


Please, come with me,
join all women and
men of goodwill. This
new morning, let us rise
and rid our green pastures
and meadow sea shores of
landmine evil. Stand with
me - this new dawn of hope,
love and caring oneness
amongst humankind.


This new dawn, let this
be the last minefield
on our green pastures
and meadow sea shores.


This new dawn, humanity,
please, listen to my
heart-broken voice
crying through the
world wide web -
chanting: Let this
be the last


See my
of sorrow
and pain
for the


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In soulful support of landmine victims everywhere and the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL):

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Land of the Eagle

Ugonna Wachuku 


There is a dream far from 

the land of my soul.


There are tearful streams

of thought caressing the

yearning warmth of my being.


Windfull trees sway to the

rhythm of nature's heart-beat

in the eye of the me that

I am.


This new dawn, I walk your path

with handsome hope and tear-drops

on my right hand.


This new day, I yearn to see

new landscapes and new beginnings.

But the day is misty, the landscape



Yet I am heaven's hopeful child.

And I must dream beautiful, new

dreams on this land of the eagle.


This new day, let me be created

anew with love on this land of

the eagle beyond my dreams.


Let me be who I must be for the

good of all humanity. Just let

me be made whole on this land

of the eagle.


This new day, there

is a dream far from

the land of my

yearning soul.

Help me Lord!


This new day, let me be

created anew with living

hope and strength on this

lush land of the eagle!


Land of the Eagle
~ Critiques/Comments ~

Valerie Jochum
Each day does indeed hold new beginnings.  When we try to view tomrrow
from yesterdays point of view, those new beginnings do look misty.
Even if we try to see the newness in the early dawn, there is mist.
We are unable to see the plans which God lays before us each day, for
his plans are much different than what we could ever imagine.  I think
we are only to know that His plans for us is for a new day, a promise,
and our chance to remember He is the commander in chief of our soul.
With that, we are created anew and refreshed.  We may keep our dreams,
for those are what he gives us to pursue.  Dreams are like ships
floating captainless along the sea of our mind.  Dreams, waiting for
us to permit Him to come aboard to sail them into their port where
their reality will manifest. Ugonna, this poem was splendid!

Charisma *T.A.* Makatita-P
Misty days within new hope, new beginnings within dreams. You captured
these things and feelings very good in "Land of the Eagle" Thanks for
sharing.  Charisma

Farah D
wow! this is inspirational stuff! I was feeling pretty low when I got
here and I must stay it has really lifted my spirit! Excellent

Misty Lackey
loved your poem it gave a sense of freedom along the wings of a
eagle.. good job!  

Patricia Jones
This is musical and sublime; it reads like a long, euphoric sigh. Well done.
2002-11-15 11:01:11

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Take Me Home

Ugonna Wachuku


My heart is so silent.

Today is another new



Shadows of the early

morning sun draw patterns

on my weary window. I must

rise to face this new dawn

with hope and courage.


I must be the me I am for

the journey through this

beckoning day.


Swaying trees and whistling

wind glide across my view;

splashing nature's radiant

beauty across my face.


In your eyes; in your glad,

inspiring breath, I see

treasurable paths to follow.


In your open arms of love,

I see heaven's caring call.

I breath of strengthening

freshness from natur's

healing heart.


And in the hollow of your

enfolding hands, I whisper,

take me home for a peaceful

rest. It's so troubling here.

Take me home for a peaceful

rest. I have come this far.  


I have gone the distance.

Please, take me home for a

peaceful rest.


Take Me Home: 
~ Critiques/Comments ~

Misty Lackey 

home is the best place to rest, your words in this poem is a come on
lets get forward to movement toward home because I am tired and need
to rest now:-)  

Serene Moment

I love the serene feel of your calling home.  I see two meanings
here of home.  The home of rest or our physical dwelling place and the
home we have that's prepared for us in heaven.  Heaven is the best
home there is... the best place of rest from our earthly toils.  I
love the meaning of this piece.  Regards. ^_^  

Bernard Shaw

As usual a wonderful piece of poetry. Written with the delicate touch
of a master. I feel the awakening of a new day with the promise of
natures most bountious of gifts also a touch of sadness in the wanting
to go home to the promised land of our Father. I too sometimes feel
this great need but I have learned in my seventy two years of age to
be patient. My time is coming and we will meet up in the promised
land. Two souls united in our love for poetry and the beautiful things
of this life. May the blessings be with you always from bern
2002-05-20 15:14:26


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The Road

Ugonna Wachuku



You are the road.
I am the seeker.
Then, show me
the way.  


You are the river.
I am the boat.
Then, float me to 



You are the wind.
I am the eagle.
Then, glide me to
towering clouds and
unseen mountain tops.


You are the rain.
I am the flower.
Then, give me water
to grow.


You are the flower.
I am the butterfly.
Then, let me touch
your ripe, blue bud
with a kiss.


You are the tree.
I am humankind.
Then, show me how
to climb.


Remember, you are the
road. I am the seeker.
Then, show me the way.


You are angel.
Then show me heaven.
Yet, you are the road.
I am the simple seeker.  


The Road  


~ Critiques/Comments ~ 


Gwendrina Howe

Dear Ugonna,  again, this poem brings me truth and spiritual pleasure. "You are the road, I am the seeker" - how wonderfully stated! Your analogies are drawn from the depth and simplicity of nature's beauty to make the reader enlightened by this path of knowledge. This verse fills me with deep peace and renewed hope. Thank you, Wendy


Helen Schmidt

A lovely poem, Ugonna!  You illustrate so clearly how interdependent the various aspects of life are upon one another. We are always searching for answers, and so many of them lie in nature. Beautiful words!  



Rachelle Wiegand

Came here from your interview with Deborah, Ugonna :) Wonderful interview, wonderful poetics!  Thank you for sharing!!  :)


Ken Corbett

This is my favorite work of yours, so far. You are skilled at using the small words to great advantage.

The pictures you paint here are clear and strong.  



Tim / manatee Marshall 

HI~like we said in the hipie days (HEAVY MAN) lol A+,your writings are like songs and i'm using what someone told me 

it plays at the very best time to go along with what i'm already thinking simular thoughts of,thank you

2002-05-02 17:10:48  


Netta Jack

Love the simplicity yet deep message in this piece. Very nice work. Thanks for sharing.

2003-01-21 18:21:18


Jayati Gupta

Man seeks God provides! Wonderful poems you write.

2004-09-27 14:41:41  


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Beautiful One

Ugonna Wachuku 


When silent drums speak;
when silent hearts beat;
when silent birds sing'
I'll listen. I'll be there.


I'll listen because I am
on a journey through life.
I am on a journey through
green hills and valleys.


Through the dark, weary
night, dawn shall meet
me with caring embrace
and soothing smile.


I must walk on; towards
this land of hope and
new love amongst 



On this inspiring land,
I'll tell uplifting stories  

of this journey from

my deep heart.


I'll tell you why the

tortoise has lines

on his hard back.
I'll tell you why

humankind must

love one another.


I'll tell you wonderful
stories for the survival
of humankind and our

enchanting earth



I'll kiss you welcome
and take you to that
lofty land of my being
where dews from

heaven refresh my



I'll make you sweet
smelling egusi soup

with bitter leaf. 
You will love it.  

And when you are

done, I know you'll

ask me: "Where is

the beautiful one?"


I'll gladly say to you:
Here is the
beautiful one
because you




















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