In my swing of life,
I have room for you,

If you would like to
I will play with you.

We will swing together,
High into the sky.

Holding to each other,
Letting time go by.

In my swing of life,
alone, just me, and

Tied to a moonbeam,
We'll make dreams come

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In my swing of life, I have room for you.

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Life (Haiku)


Life it fades so fast
Like grains falling through the cracks
You must change your life

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The Road I Travel

Just a thought!

The Road I Travel

My road is long with many miles
It takes me on a tour
I look ahead from where I came
With magical allure
The road I take is boundless
It has many sites to see
The direction that I take
Will determine life for me
This road has gifts to offer
Lined with treasures from above
I seek a destination
Called, Harmony and Love
This road I travel brought me here
In search of something new
If you would like to share the road
I’ll travel it with you

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The dream of Life"

untitled 1


What to do when you don't clearly see what is infront of you,

the world as you knew it begings to show it's true colors,

grey, blue, black,....

no more reds, yellow or purple!

The world that you grew up in begings to fade,

destroying your childhood dreams you once held so tight too

the ones that made you smile with friends,

the silly ones you belived would come true

ya you know!

that one wedding day with your prince charming.

Tell me, how do you hold on to the earth you created

the one time you sat in your room

the one day you imagined a perfect world

in this inperfect one.

you know the hero from your comid books

coming to save you from homework.

the hero who brings you life with a smile and a joke

the one who allows you to be you with out hesitations.

How in the wolrd do you move from this hell whole life created!?

It's inpossible you say?

Naw! I lived it, im still here!

Ya it's life but you gatta kep moving those dreams, those heros can be created anny time any place..

Just keep going!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it was one of those where i just had the words upon me wanting to spill out.. nothing major really.

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Alejandra: Morning Dews

For my inspiring wife: Alejandra or Morning Dews!   

For her, who in April 2010, successfully fought

so bravely hard to stay on the realm of life in

heaven's amazing grace ...  


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Ugonna Wachuku 


On lush, green mountain slopes

and humane islands, this river

begins its hopeful journey to

oceans for life; on our

enchanting earth

home, unbound. 


Bright breathtaking landscapes
and welcoming country-sides glow 

with life from earth's oceans.

You are there all the worthy way:


There is beauty and inspiration.
There are moonlight stories in
hearty village squares made
lively by the smile you hold
within your beautiful being.


The river is there - still moving
on its earthly journey through
landscapes of home and inspiration.
In your emerald eyes, windows of
heavenly hope open for new life:


Life: And your name is born anew
for humanity and for bald eagle
me. Your river unfolds a humane
rainbow's rain. You are just
smilingly there with all upliftment
like glorious songs from angels
of our Heavenly Father's abode.


New dawn awaits humanity and my
eagle soul in your cherished care -:
This new dawn when your soothing
voice will welcome us to the
homely square in the handsome
heart of Ethiopian villages.


Life. And it is your name.
Life. And it is the hope and
patience that lifts this eagle
to blessingly soar through
towering mountains and stormy
skies on our earthly pathways
and river roads reclaimed for
you, all humankind, earth's
nature and living creatures.


Life. And you are there,
touchingly, with that
unwavering inspiration
your smile brings.
Life. And you calmly
welcome this eagle to
your humble, little
corner on the sprawling
hall of this global home
for humanity and peace.
Life. And the eagle in me
lands - just to see, uphold,
cherish and be made persevering
to soar this new day and always.


Life. And you are there - on
lush, green mountain slopes
where the river's journey
begins. Life. And you are
cutely there to welcome
the eagle's flight home in
all of your radiant, fertile


Life and you are inspiringly
there for the abundant good of
all humanity and eager eagle me.


Life and you are bountifully
there on lush, green mountain
slopes of heavenly home where
this rainbow river
begins its journey
to oceans for 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hiwot Taffese from Ethiopia inspired me to write this poem. Her name: Hiwot means Life!


Volume One


Everything I had was striped away
doing everything I can to keep the demon's at bay
hoping, dreaming for a brighter day
fuck the life in which I was gave
a life that cannot be saved
my dreams and goals, crushed and slammed
to this world I am damned
The words I think are never the words I say
hoping, dreaming for a brighter day

The cure I need
the greed you feed
ignoring my plead
on this painful cross I'm crucified
to this world I lied
from this world I hide
the day my heart turned black
was the day I found that rusted knife in my back
Fuck you is what they said
and that day I bled
Nothing is left but the pain
a decaying fragment all the same
rotten to the core
my mind is numb and sore
heaven isn't in my future
just endless amounts of torture
darkness all around
trapped without so much as a sound
to this fate, I am bound

"Darkness here, death is near"

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No Regrets

Volume One




No Regrets”


I want to drown in your sea of hate

I want to feel your pain, because I'm not sane

I want to feel your love, my sweetest Angel

who wears a broken halo, I want to die in a warm bed

pile of shit is what they said, I want to feel your love

your warmth, your hate, your pain

I want to be your love, I want to be your white dove

in a latex world fit like a glove, fit for me and me alone

for the love you shown, no regrets remember?


"Death is the only way out!"




Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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Something Left "to find"

Volume One





Something Left 'To Find'”




I wanna run away from this pain inside

breaking, bleeding no where to hide

it's hard to believe this time

that there's something good left to find

can't trust my emotions

riding high in your motions

falling deeper below

all my fears begin to show

and all my tears have dried

I lied, but still cried

all the pain is breaking me into nothing

but still fighting for something

feeling so empty

yet everything is so tempting

I'm left blind, and confined

in my chains of condemnation

No chance of redemption




Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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